The DonorsChoose goodness continues.

Earlier today, I raised the goal for my DonorsChoose challenge from $1588 to $2000. More of you donated, and within just a couple of hours we pulled to within $0.35 of the $2K mark. I've upped the goal by another $500. Since two of the proposals that I added earlier today are now fully funded, I'm adding one more. I was going to wait, but this one's a true heartbreaker - well beyond depressing. This proposal comes from P.S. 62 in the Bronx:

We have been instructed to cover up all of our blackboards which are old and ruined. As a result, I have to teach all of my lessons on chart paper that I always hang in the classroom so that the children can have a visual representation of what we have accomplished each day.

Therefore, I am asking if my class could please be supplied with a large donation of chart paper for the rest of the school year, as this is all I have to work with and it runs out very quickly. It can be both the small pads as well as the really big pads. We are not provided with these at our school which becomes very difficult for me.

A classroom without a blackboard, and a school that can't afford to provide chart paper. In the richest city in the richest country on the planet, we've got a school where the teachers don't have blackboards. What's wrong with that picture? I mean besides it not showing up in the classroom on account of they've got no damn blackboard to draw it on.

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