A busy day

There's a lot happening today.

200 x 2: Today marks the 200th birthdays of both Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin. I know a lot more about biology than about history, so I'll be concentrating on Darwin. But I certainly don't want to dis Lincoln.

There will be a large number of posts on various science blogs marking the Darwin anniversary. Blog For Darwin is collecting the links for posts about Darwin written through the end of the weekend.

I'll have a post up later in the day highlighting six square feet of ground at Down House.

Google will undoubtedly be the target of a great deal of conservative and/or creationist ire by the end of the day. Their holiday logo for today features Darwin.



Presidential Science Advisor nominee John Holdren and NOAA administrator nominee Dr. Jane Lubchenco have their Senate confirmation hearings today. The Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee is scheduled to meet at 10 am Eastern. If all the intertubes are working right, I'll be liveblogging the hearing here.

More Politics (& Money):

Steinn Sigurðsson tells us that it appears that the final compromise version of the stimulus bill is now available at the thomas.locis.gov legislative page (search for H.R. 1). Time permitting, I'll try to take a look at it during or after the confirmation hearing.

Accidental Humor
At the end of the day, I'll have a special Darwin Day highlight from Conservapedia.


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