Webcast in a week

I wanted to call attention to this event at Harvard, which will be webcast live next Friday at 12:15 Central.

The difficulties in combining data and information from distributed sources, the multi-disciplinary nature of research and collaboration, and the need to move to present researchers with tooling that enable them to express what they want to do rather than how to do it highlight the need for an ecosystem of Semantic Computing technologies. Such technologies will further facilitate information sharing and discovery, will enable reasoning over information, and will allow us to start thinking about knowledge and how it can be handled by computers.

I have my… issues… with "semantic" computing. I also think that it'd be nice to figure out how we're going to manage all these data before we get all starry-eyed about what semantics we can pull out of them, but I'm funny that way.

Even so, I think this will be a worthwhile talk and I plan to tune in. Hope you'll do the same!


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