Strange Travels, Part 7: Beer Friday and Gratuitous Panda Play

My adventures in NY, continued: Friday Afternoon

Bloggers converge on Seed HQ. I finally get the chance to meet many of my sciblings, some who I met previously, and many new, friendly faces. i-d7ea7e639cf178cf379471bcde63beef-KarmenandSteve.jpgAmong those who I haven’t mentioned elsewhere are Grrlscientist, Tara, Orli, Jennifer, James, Josh, Jake and Kara, Greta and Dave Munger, Mike, Mark, Mo, Evil Monkey, Carl, Orac, Steve, and our fearless leaders, Ginny and Katherine.

We are served copious amounts of wine and beer, so what follows seems a little stranger than usual. I am quickly spotted by Dr. Steve Steve, who must have heard about my fondness of anthropology and art, as he wants to pretend we are a totem pole.

Bora gets into the game. He takes a picture of our totem pole, but looks very disappointed when Rob acts like he doesn’t want to play by putting his camera away. Chad watches, choosing to side with his beer:


When Steve Steve hears Janet and I arrived together, he nearly faints. I suppose the presence of so many female philosophers is almost too much for him. Bora, again, is there, just time to catch him (before the poor panda smacks his head on the Beer Friday buffet) and capture the moment on film:


It looks like it will be an interesting weekend.

Thanks, Bora, for taking so many excellent pictures of these events, including these two of Dr. Steve Steve and I.

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