WisconsinView converts to CC0

Just a quick hit - I'm digging out after a wonderful break from work - but this deserves notice...

Since 2004, WisconsinView has made aerial photography and satellite imagery of Wisconsin available to the public for free over the web. As part of the AmericaView consortium, WisconsinView supports access and use of these imagery collections through education, workforce development, and research. Starting June 30, 2009, WisconsinView is making available all of its more than 6 Terabytes of imagery data under the new CC0 Protocol provided by Creative Commons. The CC0 (pronounced CC-Zero) Protocol waives any rights in a dataset, ensuring that all of the dataset is available to anyone without encumbrance of any kind.

Thanks to Puneet Kishor, our SC Fellow for geospatial, for his tireless advocacy on behalf of the public domain for data!

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