International Crime Victimization Survey results

Look in "Experiences of Crime across the World" van Dijk, Mayhew
and Killias (1991). This reports the result of an international
victimisation survey in the US, Canada, Australia and 11 European

Danny Low said:

The last time I looked at an atlas, the world included places like
Mexico and other Latin American countries. The book has a rather
grandiose title "across the World" but seems to exclude most of
the world. Are the countries you listed the only ones in the
book? If it is so I would consider the sample to be very biased.

The only countries. They also surveyed Warsaw and Surabaja. Lack of
money and a large percentage of population without telephones makes
national surveys difficult in second and third world nations.

It is a survey of victimization. So what are the victimization
rates and how well do they correlate with gun ownership?
You should have 14 sample points to do a correlation analysis.

                 hand  all
                 gun% gun%  A/T  SA   Rob  Bur  Homicide
 England & Wales  0.5  4.7  5.3  3.4  1.9  9.4  0.7
        Scotland  0.5       5.3  2.9  1.8  9.0  1.8
Northern Ireland  1.5       4.3  3.3  1.5  4.7  5.2
     Netherlands  1.0  2.0  9.3  6.4  2.0  8.9  0.9
    West Germany  6.5  9.2  9.3  7.9  3.0  4.7  1.2
     Switzerland 14.0 32.6  3.9  5.5  2.2  4.0  1.2
         Belgium  6.0 16.8  6.4  4.9  4.0  7.7  1.8
          France  5.5 24.7  7.1  4.3  2.9 10.4  1.2
           Spain  2.0       7.5  6.8  9.1  5.6  1.0
          Norway  3.5 31.2  8.2  4.7  1.5  3.2  1.2
         Finland  7.0 25.5  9.7  4.3  2.7  2.0  2.9
             USA 29.0 48.9 12.7 10.4  5.5 13.7  8.8
          Canada  4.0 30.8  8.8 10.0  2.6 10.2  2.1
       Australia  2.0 20.1 11.6 13.5  2.3 16.6  2.0

hand gun% is the percentage of households reporting hand gun ownership
all gun% is the percentage of households reporting any gun ownership
(The all gun% numbers do not all appear in the book -- I was emailed them,
but I think they come from the survey. The reference is Security
Journal 1(3):169-174, which I have not been able to check out.)
A/T is percentage victim of assault or threats in the past five years.
SA is the percentage of women victim of sexual assaults or offensive
behaviour in the past five years.
Rob is percentage victim of robbery in the past five years.
Bur is percentage victim of successful burglary in the past five years.
Homicide is the average homicide rate (per 100,000 population) 82-88,
from the World Health Organization Statistical Yearbook.

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