They're not so squishy when they come out of the ground...

Just a quick reminder that the next exhibition of The Boneyard will be going up tomorrow at the Hairy Museum of Natural History, so be sure to get all your paleo (or palaeo, if you prefer) oriented links to me or Matt soon! If you need some inspiration check out Matt's fantastic artwork and discussion on phytosaurs, a group that often doesn't get the attention it deserves.

There's some good opportunities for some cross-over posts coming up as well, as the next edition of The Accretionary Wedge is fast approaching, and it's host (Kevin Z of The Other 95%) has asked for submissions about "squishy" things and their importance to geology. It'd be all-too-easy to do a historical post about Steno, Cuvier, Smith, Hutton, Lyell, etc., etc., etc., so I think I might work up something a little more personal involving a field trip and some photo blogging.

I should also mention that the next Carnival of the Blue will be up at Cephalopodcast on November 5. Indeed, the carnival covers all things oceanic, and that includes extinct sea life and conditions as well as what's out there today, so if I can I'm planning to muster up a piece on ammonites and mosasaurs, although Ben at Principles of Parsimony recently covered some aspects of this topic.

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