Road trip, or In a hurry to see the city

Came down from Vermont (home) to Boston yesterday for a 3-day vaca with the 4 and 7 year-old. Much-anticipated trip, everyone eager to escape the snow and same four walls and indulge some big-city excitement (like science museums).

The 7-year-old started a travel diary in a little 1.5x3-inch notebook. His first entry, written in the backseat about a half-hour after departure from our home in northern Vermont:

Many trees beside highway. Still not out of Vermont.

and later, when there were actually a few breaks in the forest cover:

Many wide, grassy plains. Dense forest on right side.

and finally, once we're in Mass:

no snow at all! on either side!

We're going later to see the glass sea creatures at the Harvard Museum of Natural History. If I can get any good pics I'll post on it, and on my startling first experience with the glass flowers there a few years back.

Otherwise, posting may be light for a few days, as I put in a little overtime at home (away).

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