Once again, I am embarrassed to be an American

I have really been looking forward to seeing David Attenborough's latest, Frozen Planet, here in the US. I've seen brief snippets of the show on youtube, and like all of these big BBC nature productions, I'm sure it's stunning. And then I hear that the Discovery Channel has bought the rights! Hooray!

But wait, experience cautions us. Remember when American television replaced Attenborough's narration with Sigourney Weaver? And <shudder> Oprah Winfrey? ANd when the Oprah version dropped the references to evolution? What kind of insane butchery would they perpetrate this time around?

Well, the word is out. The Discovery Channel only bought 6 of the 7 episodes. They dropped the seventh because…it talks about global climate change.


It's not just our dimbulbs in government, it's active collusion by the media to suppress scientific evidence because it might be unpopular with our undereducated booberati. Jerry Coyne suggests that you contact the Discovery Channel's viewer relations page and express your displeasure. I will not be watching a neutered version of the program on Discovery; instead, I'll wait until I can pick up the BBC DVDs.

You know what else is annoying about this? My wife and I are having a pleasantly quiet evening at home, and what she's been doing is watching youtube videos…of David Attenborough. She's been gushing over these spectacular videos all night long, and I swear, I'm beginning to feel pangs of manly jealousy. At least I get to tell her that the American media has decided that he's seditious and dangerous.

And that will probably make him even more attractive. I can't win.

Just to end on a more pleasant note, Mary almost orgasmed over this one. You'll like it too. Too bad the Discovery Channel thinks you hate reality.

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