Dr Oz has seen the error of his ways!

He has announced that Dr. Mehmet Oz is changing the direction of his show! No more quackery for him!

The entire upcoming season of The Dr. Oz Show — which kicks off Monday, September 14 — will focus on the mind-body connection and feature a partnership with former U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher, MD.

In the past, Dr. Oz has come under fire for the advice given on his show. Now, the newly focused program will use medical and other experts whose advice is based in research.

Orac is not impressed. Neither am I. It'll take a sustained improvement in rigor before I'll believe it.

Unfortunately, his choice of a topic does not fill me with confidence. I can imagine the frantic meetings to try and hammer out a new direction that has just enough credibility to let them claim they're being scientific, but still plenty of slop to allow them to continue to pitch snake oil. Green coffee beans don't have any evidence of medical efficacy, but there's evidence that if you believe hard enough in green coffee beans they can have a therapeutic effect! Also, Placebos work!.

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