Animal Rights and Human Needs Considered

"But Dr. Zaius, the benefits to apedom far outweigh this animal's suffering."

Image: Planet of the Apes

Greg Laden has posted three parts (with more on the way) of a series that looks at how we should decide what animals have rights, what those rights should be, and how we weigh those considerations against the benefits of animal testing:

It is not entirely unreasonable to view the question of what humans can do to other species with suspicion. This would be the same kind of suspicion that a parole board would level against an inmate asking for release. We are a species with a record, and we are asking the question: What ways shall we allow this species, already tried and convicted of serial speciescide, to interact with other animal species? We are a level five extinctionator asking to move into a neighborhood with lots of vulnerable species like chimps and polar bears. And we've done little to earn trust.

Animal Rights and Human Needs: Foundations of the debate (Part I)
Animal Rights and Human Needs: Foundations of the debate (Part II)
Animal Rights and Human Needs: Foundations of the debate (Part III)

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