The Bush Legacy: Lowered Expectations

Is this what we've come to after six and a half years of a Bush White House?

From a Wired Science blog post about Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns' resignation:

But what the heck -- by all appearances, Johanns wasn't grossly corrupt, didn't hand out more corporate freebies than you'd expect from someone of his background and position, didn't break the law and pretend that it never happened. Given the science-skewing and dishonesty that's permeated policy in other parts of the Bush administration, this sort of old-fashioned malfeasance ("Yes, I don't like what you've done -- but at least you're honest about it!") almost makes me feel like he did a good job.

This quote even follows a note about the integral role Johanns played in pushing a misguided corn ethanol fuel policy--something that will likely cast a shadow over US energy policy for years to come.

But, with that said, after all of the overt corruption, criminality, and political interference in science we've seen lately from the Bush Administration and the Republican Party, can you really blame anyone for being so disillusioned?

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