ScienceBlogs' Very First Podcast

Drumroll, please.

ScienceBlogs can now be enjoyed on the go, in podcast form.

In our first podcast, Sb editors talk with Janet Stemwedel of 'Adventures in Ethics and Science,' who presents her views on plagiarism in the sciences: why it matters, who it hurts, and what, just maybe, can be done about it.

The program can be found for downloading and listening in the podcast area of, where it is described thusly:

The Worst Thing A Scientist Can Do

ScienceBlogs' Janet Stemwedel discusses scientists' cheating ways.

Lie, cheat, steal: Scientists have been known to do all three on occasion. How do scientists' bad deeds, from flashy cases of fraud to all-too-frequently cut corners, harm the scientific community--and the society at large? Is plagiarism as serious an offense in the sciences as it is in the humanities? Has the practice of guest authorship gone too far? Is academic dishonesty addictive? Tune in to hear chemistry PhD and philosophy professor Janet Stemwedel, of Adventures in Ethics and Science, discuss the nasty things that scientists do, and the importance of accountability to science's future.

All this and more in the first-ever episode of the ScienceBlogs podcast.

Link to the program here.


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