Weekend Diversion: But will it Bea Art(hur)? (Synopsis)

“I’m not playing a role. I’m being myself, whatever the hell that is.” -Bea Arthur

It isn't often that someone becomes both a legend and an inspiration simply by being themselves, and it's even rarer in the world of entertainment if that person doesn't just happen to be stunningly beautiful-or-handsome as well. But a certain Golden Girl did exactly that during her life. Have a listen to Art in Manila's interesting indie song,

Golden Dawn,

while I share with you Mike Denison's art project, "Bea A Day."

Image credit: Mike Denison, via http://mikd33.tumblr.com/image/77592856619. Image credit: Mike Denison, via http://mikd33.tumblr.com/image/77592856619.

Each day, beginning on September 7th of last year, Mike has created a new, creative image (either a sketch, painting or other art project) casting Bea Arthur (and sometimes along with her on-screen foils) as memorable, creative characters.

Image credit: Mike Denison, via http://instagram.com/p/one2_kMuH9/. Image credit: Mike Denison, via http://instagram.com/p/one2_kMuH9/.

Have a look at this amazing work, and have a great weekend, wherever you are!

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