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tags: How Can You Filter Out The Vuvuzela?, World Cup 2010, physics, technology, football, soccer, sports, television, Sixty Symbols, University of Nottingham, streaming video A University of Nottingham video explains the physics that underlies the technology being developed to filter out that annoying drone from 30,000 blasting vuvuzelas in the background of all World Cup football matches. It's interesting to note that this is the same sort of software technology that ornithologists use to record (and "clean up" background noise inadvertently captured by) birdsong recordings.
tags: Konzerthaus-Musiker spielen Brahms und Ravel, Vuvuzela-Konzert, Berlin Konzerthaus Orchestra, Berlin, Germany, Helge von Niswandt, vuvuzela, vuvuzela concert, humor, satire, funny, silly, fucking hilarious, your inner child, music video, streaming video Those of you who think Germans can't laugh have not lived in Germany. Die Zeit (The Time), a left-leaning German weekly newspaper that is highly respected for its quality journalism, has recorded a vuvuzela mini-concert. In this charming video, three brass players from the Berlin Konzerthaus Orchestra, led by "ensemble abrassador," Helge…
tags: I Will Survive, silly, humor, funny, satire, parody, A Little Nightmare Music, Aleksey Igudesman, Richard Hyung-ki Joo, Igudesman & Joo, music video, streaming video A hilarious reworking of the pop hit song, "I Will Survive," by the brilliant comedy music duo, Igudesman & Joo, a Silly Saturday special video. You can learn more about this talented musical duo by visiting their website, Igudesman & Joo.
tags: Doctor Who Theme Song Accompanied by Tesla Coils, music video, DIY, Do-It-Yourself, science, physics, music, performing arts, weird, offbeat, Tesla Coils, ArcAttack, Maker Faire 2010, streaming video The musical group, ArcAttack, constructed a set of Tesla Coils that they use to perform "an electrifying" live performance at Maker Faire 2010, held in San Mateo, California. Maker Faire is an event created by Make Magazine to "celebrate arts, crafts, engineering, science projects and the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mindset." According to the filmographer, the HVDJ pumps music through a PA system…
tags: Helsinki Complaints Choir, complaints, silly, humor, funny, offbeat, weird, life, life isn't fair, choir, streaming video This amusing video is a bit of a departure from my usual Sunday morning god-mocking, but since I am in Helsinki right now, I thought you'd appreciate this. Finnish artists Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen collected the pet peeves and angst-ridden pleas of people in Helsinki and then composed this choral work around the list of complaints. Music composed by Esko Grundström.
tags: What Would Jesus Do?, Axis of Awesome, music video, religion, cults, mind control, offbeat, beliefs, comedy, fucking hilarious, streaming video Yesterday, I ran a video that featured the Australian comedy music group, Axis of Awesome and their take on the science of popular music. Today, just in time for Sunday sacrilege, I am sharing another of their music videos; "What Would Jesus Do?", performed live, during Good News Week.
tags: The Four Chord Song, Axis of Awesome, Jordan Raskopoulos, Lee Naimo, Benny Davis, funny, comedy, silly, humor, fucking hilarious, streaming video This amusing video investigates the science behind popular music: Australian comedy group 'Axis Of Awesome' performs a sketch from the 2009 Melbourne International Comedy Festival where they play parts of popular songs to demonstrate their claim that popular music contains only four cords that are rearranged. Somewhat. Footage courtesy of Network Ten Australia. More information about Axis of Awesome.
tags: Hevisaurus, Viimeinen Mammutti, Finnish Dinosaur Rock, Tavastia Klubi, Helsinki Finland, music video, humor, funny, silly, streaming video Finnish Dinosaur Rock aimed specifically at the under 5 crowd -- now why don't they do fun stuff like this in Germany?? Hevisaurus played live at the Tavastia Klubi in Helsinki, Finland. Guess where I wasn't in November 2009??
tags: Rick Rolling NYC's A Train, music, a cappella, NYC Life, New York City, A Train, travel, cultural observation, cities, University of Oregon, On The Rocks, The Green Room, Never Going to Give You Up, streaming video Watching this video of a group of West Coast guys singing a cappella on the A train made me want to cry because I miss NYC, its subways and all the fun people I experienced while riding the A train. I would like to suggest to these guys to try rick rolling the A train between 59th and 125th street instead so they aren't interrupted by the conductor and people having to climb…
tags: Self Playing Harmonica, music, music video, DIY, computer printer, harmonica, vacuum cleaner, Instructibles, Stupid Inventions, streaming video There are lots of different types of Self-Playing Instruments, but the folks at Stupid Inventions wanted to create something new so they decided to build the Self Playing Harmonica. Made from an old printer and a vacuum cleaner, the Self-Playing Harmonica will play different songs based on the image you print. You can learn more about this and find step-by-step instructions for constructing your own self-playing harmonica at Instructibles.
tags: Resonant Chamber, music, music video, film, animation, technology, computer graphics, Animusic, streaming video This interesting animation is an argument for how a self-playing harp might work. The one thing that would improve its efficiency is to have a "plucker" that is dedicated to each string (as you see on the bass part of this contraption) rather than have each plucker pick at any or all of the strings. What do you think? You can learn more at Animusic.
tags: trololololo man, eduard khill, youtube meme, scientology, religion, cults, mind control, philosophy, parody, offbeat, beliefs, insanity, russian rickroll, streaming video OMG, the evil cult of Scientology has been the victim of a Russian Rickroll!
tags: Two Girls and One Giant Piano, Johann Sebastian Bach, Toccata et fugue, piano, organ music, music video, streaming video Two women play Johann Sebastian Bach's Toccata et fugue on a giant piano -- with their feet. This amazing performance looks like dancing as much as piano playing.
tags: The Dork Anthem, funny, humor, comedy, fucking hilarious, iTunes, Dave and Brian, music video, streaming video This video is a musical tribute to the miserable lives led by high school guys with talent in the sciences, and yes, it's actually funny. I wish that us grrls would do something like this, though, except I'm thinking we're all too busy struggling to pay rent while searching for tenure-track positions and taking care of kids. Produced by FocalPoint Cinematic & Dave and Brian. You can purchase this tune on iTunes.
tags: CATalunia Boy's Choir, classical music, humor, funny, strange,cat sounds, music video, streaming video This amusing video should go into the "what did we do before YouTube?" category. This video captures the CATalunia Boy's Choir singing classical music with feline vocals .. it's a 'must view' for all cat owners and cat fans!
tags: physiology, The Bloodmobile, They might be Giants, music video, streaming video Here's another fun music video; "The Bloodmobile" by the creative group, They Might be Giants. This song tells about the many functions of blood, from providing oxygen to tissues to helping transport hormones (well, hormones are generally transported in the plasma).
tags: science, Science is Real, They might be Giants, music video, streaming video Here's a fun music video; "Science is Real" by the creative group, They Might be Giants. This is one of many wonderful songs on their new album "Here Comes Science." You can order They Might be Giants' new album [CD/DVD], "Here Comes Science" from Amazon.
tags: light spectrum, ROY G BIV, music video, entertainment, Here Comes Science, They Might be Giants, streaming video Here is another song from They Might be Giants' new album, Here Comes Science!
tags: sun, music video, entertainment, Here Comes Science, They Might be Giants, streaming video Here is another song from They Might be Giants' new album, Here Comes Science!
tags: chemistry, elements, meet the elements, they might be giants, music video, streaming video This is such a cute song that I would use it in my chemistry class if I was teaching this semester. This song, "Meet the Elements" is by the group, They Might be Giants, and it has a catchy tune that will help one to remember all those elements.