Feeling nostalgic this afternoon for my Peace Corps days, I did a Google Earth fly-by of my adoptive community, Colónia Once de Setiembre. Not only does Google show the site in high-resolution, the images are clear enough to see a patch of trees I planted with my neighbor in 1997. Judging from the shadows, our token attempt at reforestation must be at least 10 meters tall now. The miracle of the internet also allows me to confirm that the economy of Once de Setiembre hasn't changed much since I left.
The Cheerful Cricket and Others (1907)Children's Digital Library The Children's Digital Library doesn't have a sleek interface and it can be a bit hiccupy, but if you poke around you'll find a surprising number of vintage children's books like The Cheerful Cricket and Others (1907) or The Illustrated Alphabet of Birds (1851). Best of all, several of the Oz books illustrated by John R. Neill are here in their entirety! I remember checking these out of the library when I was sick as a child. I think my mom must have charmed the librarian because I remember taking literally stacks of books at a…
I know you're terribly bored with ants, ants, ants all the time here at Myrmecos Blog.  So that's why we're bringing you something different.  It's an ad from the 60's letting you know about an exciting new product for putting on a few pounds: For some reason it was lying around the entomology office this morning.  Entomology leads to emaciation? Thin people don't attract enough insects?  I can't figure it. (h/t Suarez)