tags: Department of Motor Vehicles, DMV, driver's license, prank, funny, humor, offbeat, odd, streaming video The Department of Motor Vehicles has sure changed since when I lived the US. For example, I once had a cast on my foot and was told to wait to renew my driver's license until after the cast had been removed. When I see what these two guys managed to do, I admit I feel somewhat put out because after all, DMV wasn't photographing my foot! Part 2: A news report about this prank:
tags: cycles, Invasion of the Teddy Bears, music, animation, Cyriak, offbeat, odd, streaming video Here's a truly peculiar video for you to watch featuring infinite teddy bears invading a beach. Music and animations by Cyriak, who has quite a following, apparently. No teddy bears were harmed in the making of this video (not sure about the pigeon's health, though). The software used was adobe after effects.
tags: high fuel prices, funny, humor, parody, streaming video This odd little streaming video is part of an ad, but the actual footage of the commercial itself seems to suggest -- somewhat tongue-in-cheek -- what life might be like after fuel prices have gone so high that no one can afford to use it [0:51]