tags: Real Life Pacman, prank, humor, funny, streaming video This video is a funny prank -- it looks like the perfect prank to play in a university library during Final Exams week.
tags: pumpkin carving, Halloween, funny, streaming video What do you think: might this pumpkin carving design make Martha Stewart jealous?
This is a repost from the old Wordpress incarnation of Not Exactly Rocket Science You are being hunted, chased through a labyrinth by a relentless predator. Do you consider your options and plan the best possible escape, or do you switch off and rely solely on instinct? A new study provides the answer - you do both, flicking from one to the other depending on how far away the threat is. Earlier studies have found that different parts of a rodent's brain are activated in the face of danger, depending on how imminent that danger is. Now, scientists at University College London has found the…