I'm not sure what an "album" is, but I think it is like a CD. Anyway, if you don't know who Baba Brinkman is, check this out. (he previously produced "The Rap Guide to Evolution.") Then, head on over to the Indiegogo site to see his project. This is likely to be a go, with your help. He's a fourth of the way there already, and he has a lot of fans and supporters. I have no doubt that this so-called "album" will be great. Also by Baba Brinkman: The Rap Guide to Religion The Rap Guide to Evolution The Rap Guide to Evolution: Revised [Explicit] The Rap Canterbury Tales The Rap Guide to…
Just...wow. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZy6XilXDZQ
I just watched a funny entry submitted for the 2012 American Physiological Society's (APS) video contest on some of the differences betweens humans and dogs. The authors of the video were Nate Brault and Thomas Szamocki from Beloit College. It is also available in the APS Archive of Teaching Resources, a searchable archive of teaching resources and activities to help teach K-12 as well as college students about physiology.
So I had this great post planned about the Boston aquapocalypse but by the time I managed to get some water samples to the lab they had started heavily chlorinating the water and no bacteria were left! Since negative results don't make for good blog posts, please enjoy this video of my silkworms dancing to Flo Rida's Right Round instead.
This is pretty darn good for Stanford students! ;) Ready for the final?
tags: CERN's Large Hadron Supercollider, physics, music, streaming video It is predicted that the world will end at 3am ET when CERN's Large Hadron Supercollider was turned on, creating a giant black hole that will suck the earth into it, destroying everything. Since we still exist, I guess it's time to sing a little, right? [4:49] Credits: There has been a lot of interest in the original mp3, lyrics, and vocals for remixing. You can find all that here. Images came from: particlephysics.ac.uk, space.com, the Institute of Physics, NASA, Symmetry, and Marvel The talented dancers doubled as…
Priceless! (and educational!) [h/t to ThingsBreak]