Stephan Lewandowsky

Well do you? Stephan Lewandowsky on how the IPCC has made the science seem more uncertain than it really is.
Stephan Lewandowsky is conducting a survey on attitudes towards climate science and related issues and is interested in responses from readers of pro-science blogs. Go here if you are interested.
Over at the Drum Stephan Lewandowsky notes the similarities between global warming skeptics and other conspiracy theorists: This attribute of conspiracy theorising also applies in full force to the actions of some climate "sceptics": When leading climate scientists are repeatedly exonerated after the "climategate" pseudo-scandal, then to climate "sceptics" this simply means that the relevant enquiries were pre-programmed to find nothing wrong. Thus, the U.K. Parliament conspired to produce a whitewash of Professor Jones a few weeks ago, as did Lord Oxburgh when his panel, constituted with the…