will ferrell

The story starts off predictably enough for a grandiose adventure: a wizard, a prophecy, an unwitting hero.  Emmet is just a model construction worker, living his city life to the tee by following every rule in the book.  He is manically happy just to be doing it right: greeting his alarm clock with a smile, doing some calisthenics, watching his favorite sitcom before heading out for an overpriced coffee and a fulfilling day on the job.  He feels like he has friends, that he's part of something.  Then a mysterious woman who's obviously not playing by the rules leads him to fall down an…
tags: healthcare, medical insurance, politics, satire, Will Ferrell, streaming video It's a rotten job, but someone has got to do it: in this video ad, Will Ferrell stands up for the real victims in this health care debate: health insurance providers themselves! Protect Insurance Companies PSA from Will Ferrell
tags: farewell from GW, satire, humor, will ferrell, streaming video Will Ferrell does a splendid farewell imitation of our favorite lame-duck asshole, George Bush [1:31]