Elephant Seals and Donors Choose Update

Check out this awesome David Attenborough video:

So far the readers of this fair blog have managed to fully fund two Donors Choose science education requests. We can do better. Do you like the stuff that you read here? Do you like David Attenborough? Consider donating to this project.

Mr. T teaches at a "high poverty" high school in Los Angeles. He writes:

I teach Biology and freshman science in an inner city/urban public school where over 50% of students qualify for free and reduced-price lunches. Daily life is often a challenge for many students, so textbook learning due to lack of materials only adds to their disenchantment. With no time to spare, I cannot devote class time to showing educational videos that, in the past, have been well-received and understood by my students.

My Project: As you can see from my request list, this round of video requests focuses on ecology and humans' impact on the biosphere. I have set up an in-class video library that students are required to access and use at their convenience. After watching a video, they have to complete a follow-up question sheet created by their classmates, as well as create one of their own. This allows students to view educational videos of their own choosing, at their own pace, and frees up class time for other activities.

This system has proved to be very successful at allowing students a choice in determining the video they want to learn from, as well as requiring follow up reflection as evidence of learning. Your contribution to this project will allow me to build upon this success, and allow students the opportunity to learn through their own, self-paced viewing of interesting educational videos of their own choosing.

Can we get Mr. T the funds required for him to fill his video library? Every student should have the opportunity to watch a David Attenborough documentary! We need $510 more dollars donate to this project in order for it to be funded. Can you spare $5 or $10 for science education? If 51 people each donate ten dollars, the project will be funded by dinner tonight.

Click here to donate to this important project.

Sweetening the deal: If this project gets funded in the next 24 hours, I will choose one donor at random to receive a DVD copy of the PBS NOVA special "Dogs and More Dogs", narrated by John Lithgow.

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