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A Blog Around The Clock: What does it mean that a nation is 'Unscientific'?
A Blog Around The Clock: My latest scientific paper: Extended Laying Interval of Ultimate Eggs of the Eastern Bluebird
A Blog Around The Clock: Evolutionary Medicine: Does reindeer have a circadian stop-watch instead of a clock?
A Blog Around The Clock: A Farewell to Scienceblogs: the Changing Science Blogging Ecosystem

A Hot Cup of Joe: About Cognitive Archaeology
A Hot Cup of Joe: Application of Cognitive Archaeology

A Meandering Scholar: Back to basics: The Evolution of a Postdoc

A Replicated Typo: Phoneme Inventory Size and Demography

A Wonderful Day for Anthropology: Sexual Dimorphism in Human Breasts: An Examination of Three Evolutionary Perspectives

Abstruse Goose: World View (cartoon)

Academic Ecology: Dear Menses

Addiction Inbox: Impulsivity and Addiction
Addiction Inbox: Heroin in Vietnam: The Robins Study
Addiction Inbox: Cannabis Receptors and the Runner's High
Addiction Inbox: Marijuana and Memory

The Allotrope: Deconstructing Homeopathy: An Indian Perspective

Alpha Meme: Black Hole Duality: Not Noticing Crashing With Light Speed

Ambivalent Academic: Everything I Needed to Know About Grad School...

Anna's Bones: The Ape That Wouldn't Grow Up
Anna's Bones: Stripped, Part III - 'Back'

The Anthropology of Everyday Life: Step Right Up and Give Us Your DNA
The Anthropology of Everyday Life: The Angels are Flying
The Anthropology of Everyday Life: Dancing by the Nile, Ladies Loved His Style....
The Anthropology of Everyday Life: If The Shoe Fits

Anthropology in Practice: The Irish Diaspora: Why Even Trinidadians Are a Little Irish
Anthropology in Practice: RSVP--A Cultural Construct?
Anthropology in Practice: Death 2.0: Digital Mourning
Anthropology in Practice: Is Your Time My Time? Deconstructing "Social" Time (2)
Anthropology in Practice: Dealing With 'Digital Distractions' in the Classroom
Anthropology in Practice: Extra! Extra! (Some) Print Media Is Not Dead!
Anthropology in Practice: Bullying and Emotional Intelligence on the Web
Anthropology in Practice: Standardized Time and Power Relations
Anthropology in Practice: The Psychology of Liking
Anthropology in Practice: Why Do Some Like It Hot?
Anthropology in Practice: Is Farmville Making Us More Neighborly?
Anthropology in Practice: Manufacturing The Coffee Culture
Anthropology in Practice: A Trail of Coffee Beans
Anthropology in Practice: Driven By Coffee: Creating a Culture of Productivity
Anthropology in Practice: Peruvian Coffee: Matching Consumption With Production
Anthropology in Practice: Can Peruvian Coffee Gain a Foothold at Home?
Anthropology in Practice: Sourcing the Social Web
Anthropology in Practice: Unmasking Eoanthropus dawsoni, The First Englishman
Anthropology in Practice: Hoarding Connections: The Boundaries of the Network
Anthropology in Practice: Eid Mubarak At Last
Anthropology in Practice: The Mother Theresa Stamp and the Cultural Legacy of Postage
Anthropology in Practice: What Are Those Darned Neanderthals Up to Now?
Anthropology in Practice: Recycling for Profit: Rise of the Can Collectors
Anthropology in Practice: Anatomy of a Superstition: When Your Eye "Jumps"
Anthropology in Practice: C is for Cookie: Cookie Monster, Network Pressure, and Identity Formation

Archy: Mammoths, floods, and whatnot
Archy: The first trilobite

Arthropoda: Samurai Crabs: Transmogrified Japanese warriors, the product of artificial selection, or pareidolia?
Arthropoda: Unraveling Arthropoda
Arthropoda: How mantis shrimp see circularly polarized light
Arthropoda: Is 'the Drosophila' actually Drosophila? or: Drosoph-Apocalypse Now
Arthropoda: Why do cryptozoologists hate arthropods?
Arthropoda: Creationists love mantis shrimp
Arthropoda: Ocean of Pseudoscience: Samurai Crabs

The Atlantic (Carl Zimmer): How Writers Can Turn Their Archives into eBooks

The Autism Crisis: Are you high or low functioning? Examples from autism research

Back Re(action): To whom it may concern (poem)
Back Re(action): What is a scientific prediction?

Bad Science: Is it okay to ignore results from people you don't trust?

Basic space: MACHOs, WIMPs and the mystery of the missing mass
Basic space: A galaxy far, far away...

Beaker: Close to the Heart
Beaker: Proteins 101
Beaker: Differentiation Therapy - a Different Approach to Treating Tumors
Beaker: La Jolla Collaboration Helps a Young Iranian Girl
Beaker: Brown Fat: Not Just for Babies and Bears
Beaker: Food, Energy and Orexin
Beaker: Fish Story

Bering in Mind: Is killing yourself adaptive? That depends: An evolutionary theory about suicide
Bering in Mind: Being Suicidal: What it feels like to want to kill yourself
Bering in Mind: An ode to the many evolved virtues of human semen
Bering in Mind: Laughing rats and ticklish gorillas: Joy and mirth in humans and other animals
Bering in Mind: One reason why humans are special and unique: We masturbate. A lot

BioStatMatt: Eigenimages: The AT&T Cambridge Faces Database

Biotech Bitchfest: The Art of Lying
Biotech Bitchfest: Marketing Dictionary for Newbies

Bjoern Brembs Blog: In which potatoes in France are like high-ranking journals in science

The Black Hole: Say NO to the Second Post Doc!
The Black Hole: Devils of Details: Getting Scientists to Understand How Policy Making Works
The Black Hole: Two heads are better than one: Making a case for jointly run labs
The Black Hole: Training Students: Not simply lab monkeys...
The Black Hole: New Metrics for Assessing Scientists: Collaboration Networks

Blag Hag: In the name of science, I offer my boobs and A quick clarification about Boobquake and Head of Iran's Guardian Council supports Sedighi's earthquake hypothesis and And the boobquake experiment has begun..., And the Boobquake results are in!, Why boobquake isn't destroying feminism and The Iranian and Muslim response to Boobquake collected and edited as a single entry. Water Power Charting the Frozen Continent Cassini Trip Reset

Built On Facts: The Theory of Theory

Byte Size Biology: Highly Evolved
Byte Size Biology: Well, color me surprised
Byte Size Biology: Obesity: the Role of the Immune System
Byte Size Biology: Comparative Functional Genomics: Penguin vs. Bacterium
Byte Size Biology: Protein function, promiscuity, moonlighting and philosophy
Byte Size Biology: This is what it smells like when mice cry
Byte Size Biology: Goat breath causes aphids to drop to the ground
Byte Size Biology: When is it a good idea to cheat?
Byte Size Biology: Life serves viruses
Byte Size Biology: But did you correct your results using a dead salmon?
Byte Size Biology: When is it a good idea to cheat?
Byte Size Biology: Now that's a f***ing big genome!
Byte Size Biology: Grant Writing Boot Camp

C6-H12-O6: Menopause as an evolutionary strategy.
C6-H12-O6: I also dig their clever use of the word 'sinister'.
C6-H12-O6: Weird sex physiology, Halloween edition
C6-H12-O6: On detecting stress endocrines in hamster poop
C6-H12-O6: Shark week!
C6-H12-O6: Pushing towards acknowledging sex differences in physiology and treatment efficacy.

Canadian GirlPostdoc in America: Dissent gets a fat lip.
Canadian GirlPostdoc in America: Slow Science Gets the Shaft - Part Deux

Candid Engineer in Academia: Is it Luck, or do I Suck?

Cephalove: The heart of an octopus is a fickle thing...

The chicken or the egg: Tasmanian devil facial tumour disease: too good a match for the immune system

Child's Play: Don't Bite: Self Control and the Classic Cookie Task and Don't Bite: A Cognitive Primer and Don't Bite: The Defenestration of Cookie and Don't Bite: Does Self Control Determine Class? and Don't Bite: A Personal Best and Don't Bite: In Sum, Dear Reader edited into a single essay.
Child's Play: But Science Doesn't Work That Way: Miller and Chomsky (1963)
Child's Play: Eyes Wide Shut: A Field in Search of a Science

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Crispy on the Outside (poem)
Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Molecules of Song (poem)
Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Cryosat-2, Orbital Mosquito Hunter (poem)
Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Now You See It... (poem)
Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Military Objective (poem)
Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Avoiding the Sugar Buzz (poem)
Chronicles From Hurricane Country: 2010 GA6, Space Yacht (poem)
Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Gut Instinct (poem)
Chronicles From Hurricane Country: The Search For Night Life (poem)
Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Unruffled Tuxedos (poem)
Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Her Sense of Timing (poem)
Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Watching Their Backs (poem)
Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Disorienteering (poem)
Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Floral Rearrangement (poem)
Chronicles From Hurricane Country: In Development (poem)
Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Power Plant (poem)
Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Breathless Find (poem)
Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Eyjafjallajökull (poem)
Chronicles From Hurricane Country: A Grain of Exposure (poem)
Chronicles From Hurricane Country: A Project With Teeth (poem)
Chronicles From Hurricane Country: A Head For Fashion (poem)
Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Equatorial Engine (poem)
Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Inherited Hunger (poem)
Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Going the Distance (poem)
Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Manipulations (poem)
Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Current Events (poem)
Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Pattern Masters (poem)
Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Shutter Bug (poem)
Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Rules of Virtual Engagement (poem)
Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Reflections on 24-Themis (poem)

Clastic Detritus: Rapid canyon formation and uniformitarianism
Clastic Detritus: The nature of time in the geologic record

CMBR: Flu shots all around! But is it the best way?
CMBR: Attn: Science journalists. It's time to break the mold.

Code For Life: Book sales, frumpy readers, and mental rotation of book titles

Computing Intelligence: Sloppy Language in Science on Human Uniqueness

Confessions of a (former) Lab Rat: On Peer Review
Confessions of a (former) Lab Rat: On unfortunate juxtapositions
Confessions of a (former) Lab Rat: On science, funding and budget cuts
Confessions of a (former) lab rat: On hot lemon action
Confessions of a (former) lab rat: On renewable energy
Confessions of a (former) lab rat: On dancing with Smurfs
Confessions of a (former) lab rat: On sex

Context and Variation: My IVF story: pregnancy
Context and Variation: My IVF story: after conception, being preggers
Context and Variation: My IVF story: labor and childbirth
Context and Variation: My IVF story: conclusions

Cortical Hemming and Hawing: Halloween Post: The "Bloody Mary" illusion

Cosmic Variance: Is Dark Matter Supernatural?

CultureLab: Celebrating the real Einstein

Culturing Science: Octopuses doing tricks on the internet and our search for non-human 'intelligence'
Culturing Science: Why Scientists Should Read Science Fiction
Culturing Science: Microbe biogeography: the distribution, dispersal and evolution of the littlest organisms
Culturing Science: Marine Snow: dead organisms and poop as manna in the ocean
Culturing Science: Inevitability and Oil, Pt. 1: the inherent risk for accidents in complex technology
Culturing Science: Developing a scientific worldview: why it's hard and what we can do

Curious!: Unraveling the Ocean Methane Paradox

Darryl Cunningham Investigates: The Facts In The Case Of Dr. Andrew Wakefield (comic strip)

Deep Sea News: Minorities in Marine Biology: The Dearth of Black Professors
Deep Sea News: Not Good Enough: Copenhagen Accord May Doom Coral Reefs
Deep Sea News: First New Snail Larval Form Discovered Since 1878
Deep Sea News: If Molluscs Could Communicate What Would They Say?
Deep Sea News: Dispersants! Part III: Do dispersants really promote degradation of oil?
Deep Sea News: What is Twitter and Why Scientists Need To Use It.
Deep Sea News: From The Editor's Desk: Stop Being Such a Journalist
Deep Sea News: Pouring Oil on 'Troubled Waters'
Deep Sea News: From the Editor's Desk: Obama and the Environment
Deep Sea News: Confronting Climate Contrarianism II: Methane Accumulation in the Atmosphere

Deep Thoughts and Silliness: Branch Lengths and Species
Deep Thoughts and Silliness: Semiotics and Statistics

Deep Type Flow: Dancing with a Giant

Denim & Tweed: How Wright was wrong: When is it genetic drift?
Denim & Tweed: Before they were yucca moths
Denim & Tweed: J.B.S. Haldane and the case of the revivified head

The Digital Cuttlefish: A Batty Problem (poem)
The Digital Cuttlefish: To A Rat, On Looking Back On Her Career, In The Lab (poem)
The Digital Cuttlefish: A Scientific Valentine (poem)
The Digital Cuttlefish: My Place In The Dance Of The Universe (poem)

Dinner Party Science: Asteroids, we are keeping an eye on you

Dipping in the Toe: The fear, Fear, and FEAR of Science
Dipping in the Toe: On Understanding Evolution: You are a Mutant

Disease of the Week: Is it ethical to infect mentally-retarded children with hepatitis?
Disease of the Week: P. aeruginosa, Biofilms and Honey
Disease of the Week: Broken Heart Syndrome
Disease of the Week: Scientific Casualties - Infectious disease research can be life threatening
Disease of the Week: Exploding Head Syndrome - No pun required
Disease of the Week: What's in a vaccine?
Disease of the Week: How do vaccines work Pt. 1 and How Vaccines Work Pt.2
Disease of the Week!: Rabies - You duded up, egg-suckin' gutter trash.
Disease of the Week! (guest-post on Scientific American): Divine intervention via a microbe
Disease of the Week! (guest-post on Scientific American): Bacteria, the anti-cancer soldier

The Dispersal of Darwin: The Discovery Institute needs a dictionary

The Dog Zombie: Why cortisol sucks as a measurement of stress
The Dog Zombie: Comparative medicine: what is a wallby?

Dot Earth: My Second Half

Dot Physics: MythBusters' energy explanation
Dot Physics: Motorcycle tablecloth trick: could it be done?

Dr Aust's Spleen: Poetry corner - subluxation special (includes poem)

Dr. Carin Bondar...biologist with a twist: Darwin's 'Survival of the Fittest' meets the irresponsible Homo sapiens
Dr. Carin Bondar...biologist with a twist: Chemical Espionage, Anti-Aphrodisiacs and Hitchhiking...all in a Day's Work for a Parasitoid Wasp!
Dr. Carin Bondar...biologist with a twist: Party of One...
Dr. Carin Bondar...biologist with a twist: The blind leading the blind...tandem running in visually impaired ants
Dr. Carin Bondar...biologist with a twist: Size really does matter! Well endowed male earwigs have their cake and eat it too...

Dr. Kaku's Universe: The Bizarre and Wonderful World of Quantum Theory--And How Understanding It Has Ultimately Changed Our Lives

Electron Café: Why Blog About Science?

Endless Forms: Crown Jewel of Biodiversity on the Edge
Endless Forms: Saving face: Salamanders show why it's important to know thy enemies
Endless Forms: Boozing Treeshrews: Heavyweight drinkers in small packages

The End Of The Pier Show: Stop Following Me!
The End Of The Pier Show: Building Bodies, By Instalments
The End Of The Pier Show: Three Ways to Split a Fish
The End Of The Pier Show: More News About Olds
The End Of The Pier Show: Cromercrox in China: Figured Stones
The End Of The Pier Show: Cromercrox In China: The Figured Stones of Chaoyang
The End Of The Pier Show: There Were Giants On The Earth In Those Days
The End Of The Pier Show: Why Don´t Scientists Teach Their Children How To Speak?

Ever Wondered? (Scienceline): How Does a Venus Flytrap Work?

Evie's Sci Blog: It's only Rocket Science.. Hybrid Rocket Motors - What are they?
Evie's Sci Blog: My bad day at work. *Disclaimer: No living creatures were harmed during said day.

Evolutionary Psychology: Shrek II, from an Evolutionary Perspective

EvolutionBlog: Rearrangements of Series

Evolving Thoughts: How many species concepts are there?

Expeditions (Anne Casselman): What is stormwater runoff, and why does it matter?
Expeditions (Julie Huang): "Science wants this": A portrait of crew life on an expedition to study Humboldt squid
Expeditions (Julie Huang): Investigating adaptive camouflage at sea
Expeditions (Chelsea Wald): Alaskan science on the solstice: Doing research where the sun never sets
Expeditions (Emilie Dannenberg): On digestion: Reflections on the feeding frenzies of seagulls, squid and humans
Expeditions (Kathryn Eident): Why is lava shaped like that?
Expeditions (Kathryn Eident): How many scientists (and scientific instruments) does it take to sample seawater?

Expression Patterns: No one cares about your blog (part 2)

Faraday's Cage is where you put Schroedinger's Cat: Getting hot under the sheets

The Featured Creature: 6 Animals That Could Seriously Use a Nose Job

Fishpond Fever: Loko I'a o He'eia: The Mystery of the Fuzz

The Flying Trilobite: Scientific accuracy and art
The Flying Trilobite: Flying and Asthma

Free As In Science: ResearchBlogging or separating wheat from chaff

Freethinker's Asylum: Alpha, Beta, and Power

From C to Carnivore: The many (scientific) uses of penguin poop (Part I)
From C to Carnivore: Lieutenant-Colonel Patterson, the Lunatic Line and the Lions

From Where I Sit: Memphis Trip Part I

Fumbling Towards Tenure Track: My Science Enemy
Fumbling Towards Tenure Track: Is "post-doc" passé?

Gene Expression: Genetics is One: Mendelism and quantitative traits

Genegeek: Is Knowledge Translation part of Open Access?
Genegeek: Understanding Evolution

Genetic Maize: GMOs Could Render Important Antibiotics Worthless

The Gleaming Retort: Busted Explanations for Karate Breaking

Good, Bad, and Bogus: Why you REALLY can't trust small studies: the small study effect
Good, Bad, and Bogus: 'Gravity doesn't exist', says philosophically naive scientist/journalist
Good, Bad, and Bogus: Climate change and philosophy of science: Does climate science aim at truth?
Good, Bad, and Bogus: Another day, another drug company cover up

The Gorilla Guys: Ghost busters, parapsychology, and the first study of inattentional blindness
The Gorilla Guys: Harry Potter and the Illusion of Potential

Gravity's Rainbow: Why this extinction isn't like the others

Greg Laden: Are you are real skeptic, or are you just faithing it?

Gene Expression: 1 in 200 men direct descendants of Genghis Khan

Haitham's Aerie: Meningen med livet
Haitham's Aerie: Determinism, and Political Correctness!
Haitham's Aerie: On the Thing Called Bullying
Haitham's Aerie: A Shortcut to Happiness!!!

Happy science: Science - all about the new, in an old fashioned way

Hardtack and Sardines: Tiny Oceans (poem)

HASTAC blog: Why is the Information Age Without the Humanities Like the Industrial Revolution Without the Steam Engine?

hgg: Anthology of science writing: now almost 4 % with ovaries!

Highly Allochthonous: All quiet on the Alpine Fault?
Highly Allochthonous: Yellowstone: what lies beneath

The History of Psychology: The Bobo Doll Experiment
The History of Psychology: Victorian Psychology: Was It So Different From Modern Psychology?
The History of Psychology: Otto Selz: The Pioneer of Cognitive Thought Decades Before the Cognitive Revolution
The History of Psychology: The History of Smoking Bans & Anti-Smoking Sentiment

Horatio Algeranon's Anonymusing Tales: Climate of Intrigue (poem)
Horatio Algeranon's Anonymusing Tales: The Well Oiled Machine (poem)
Horatio Algeranon's Anonymusing Tales: Wreckonomics (poem)
Horatio Algeranon's Anonymusing Tales: The CEO and the Admiral (poem)

Hybrid Vigor: Page 1 (take 2) - art

ICBS Everywhere: Fun Does Not Sell Smarts
ICBS Everywhere: BS for George Takei Fans and Consumers
ICBS Everywhere: There Must Be an Idiom
ICBS Everywhere: Narcissism + Incompetence = Ignorance and More Incompetence

I'm a chordata! urochordata!: Viva la Neo-Fisherian Liberation Front!

The Incubator (On Nature and Nurture): Cool People, Cool Science: Aaron Steiner (cartoon)
The Incubator (On Nature and Nurture): Defeat and Victory
The Incubator (On Nature and Nurture): A big up to the little guys
The Incubator (On Nature and Nurture): Shoot 'em up: Why I am pro-vaccination
The Incubator (On Nature and Nurture): 19th Century Geek of the Week - Hideyo Noguchi
The Incubator (On Nature and Nurture): 19th Century Geeks of the Week - Harlow Shapley and Heber Curtis
The Incubator (On Nature and Nurture): Where it Happened - The site of the Avery-MacLeod-McCarty Experiment, October 2010
The Incubator (On Nature and Nurture): My Western Blot Limerick
The Incubator (On Nature and Nurture): A Love Letter From a Scientist
The Incubator (On Nature and Nurture): Fantasies of a poster presentation

Into Oblivion: In the mood: French minister of education and research on Shanghai ranking
Into Oblivion: How to handle the paper glut
Into Oblivion: Brevia: A new link between art and science, or towards hackerspaces' funding
Into Oblivion: How to perform responsible research
Into Oblivion: Chocolate... Miam!
Into Oblivion: Shadows on the wall: 'Truth never triumphs, but its opponents eventually die'

Ionian Enchantment: Anecdotes as evidence
Ionian Enchantment: The Cost of Truth is Eternal Vigilance
Ionian Enchantment: Are most experimental subjects in behavioral science WEIRD?

It's a Micro World after all: RB: Waste Not, Want Not.

Laboratory for Evolutionary Endocrinology: Premenstrual syndrome: understanding origin and variation
Laboratory for Evolutionary Endocrinology: Which is more safe: home birth or hospital birth?

Laelaps: Off the prehistoric coast of Panama, a mega-toothed shark nursery
Laelaps: Prehistoric mammal Prolibytherium had a 'butterfly face'
Laelaps: Prehistoric 'bear-dog' Amphicyon was built like a 'bear-lion'

The Language of Bad Physics: The Language of Science - it's 'just a theory'
The Language of Bad Physics: Experiments in Non-Relativistic Modified Newtonian Dynamics (MOND)

Living in a Complex World: Final result: a resounding win for the Royal Society
Living in a Complex World: Great balls of fire!
Living in a Complex World: Newsnight
Living in a Complex World: Newsnight II
Living in a Complex World: Fulcrum / Writing a World

Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted): Made for Each Other: Evolution of Monogamy in Poison Frogs
Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted): UV, You See? Black Light Reveals Secrets in Fossils
Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted): Fly Me to the Moon: The Incredible Migratory Journey of the Arctic Tern
Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted): Darwin's Finches Develop Immunity to Alien Parasites
Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted): Is That A T. rex Up Your Nose? New Species of Nose-dwelling Leech Discovered
Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted): (How) Are Birds Affected by Volcanic Ash?
Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted): How Will You Celebrate International Migratory Bird Day?
Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted): What do Great Tits Reveal about the Genetics of Personality?
Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted): Racehorse Research Identifies Speed Gene
Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted): Fossil Feather Colors Really ARE Written In Stone
Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted): Fetid Fish Revise Understanding of Fossil Formation
Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted): Oiled SeaBirds: To Kill Or Not To Kill? What Is The Ethical Thing To Do?
Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted): Newly Described Bird-like Dinosaur Predates Archaeopteryx by 15-20 Million Years
Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted): Gulf Oil Spill Disaster: Spawn of the Living Dead for Atlantic Bluefin Tuna?
Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted): Ancient DNA from Fossil Eggshells May Provide Clues to Eggstinction of Giant Birds
Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted): Orange Stripey Dinosaurs? Fossil Feathers Reveal Their Secret Colors
Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted): Migratory Monarch Butterflies 'See' Earth's GeoMagnetic Field
Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted): Colorful Tits Produce Speedier Sperm
Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted): Doing It For the Kids: The Evolution of Migration
Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted): Distressed Ravens Show That Empathy Is For The Birds, Too

The Loom: Skull Caps and Genomes

Macromolecular Modeling Blog: Macromolecular Modeling for Molecular Systems Engineering
Macromolecular Modeling Blog: What is your favorite molecular viewer ?

Mainly mongoose: Gangly games

Malaria, Bedbugs, Sea Lice, and Sunsets: Boycotts, Compliance, Surrogates, And The Free Rider Dilemma

Mammoth Tales: The First Trilobite

Maniraptora: Tastes Like Chicken: Size Matters -- Bigger is Better, Even for Male Pipefish
Maniraptora: Tastes Like Chicken: Gender-Bending Chickens: Mixed, Not Scrambled

The Martian Chronicles: How to cure the Avatar Blues
The Martian Chronicles: Frickin' Laser Beams: Fact vs Fiction

Matt Soniak: The werewolf is dead, long live the werewolf, or: The co-existence of lycanthropy and Cotard's syndrome.

Mauka to Makai: Barnacle Sex

Maxwell's Demon: Spirographs and the third dimension
Maxwell's Demon: The Laws of Gelada (How to be a grad student)

Medical & Bio-Inspired Innovations: Blood Pressure, Medication, Diet, And Dementia: What The Recent Research Tells Us

Mental indigestion: Your microbiome and you (part I): Gut
Mental indigestion: The grass isn't always greener...

Methodical Madness: An Ode to Semen Analysis

Mind Hacks: Visions of a psychedelic future

Mike Brown's Planets: There is something out there -- part 1 and There's something out there -- part 2 fused into one.

Mind Matters (Scientific American - Melody Dye): Why Johnny Can't Name His Colors

Mind the Gap: In which I dream of revolution
Mind the Gap: In which I face up to crunch time
Mind the Gap: In which the great slumbering scientific beast awakens
Mind the Gap: In which we experience a visitation

More Grumbine Science: When will Arctic ice be gone?
More Grumbine Science: Sea Ice Estimations
More Grumbine Science: But is it science?

The Mouse Trap: Why is the world vivid in mania, but bleak in depression?
The Mouse Trap: Creativity-psychosis linkage via reduced white matter /myelination
The Mouse Trap: Positive emotions increase with old age; while negative emotions decline
The Mouse Trap: Happine$$: Money does buy you life satisfaction, but for feeling good rely on psychosocial capital
The Mouse Trap: Two views of brain function: Reflexive/reactive or Intrinsic/proactive?

Mr Science Show: For a healthy relationship, men should be ugly and rich, women pretty and mixed-race
Mr Science Show: Correlation of the Week: Liberals and Atheists Are More Intelligent
Mr Science Show: How do you spell goal?

My Girlfriend is a DM: Dice Play God With The Universe

Myrmecos: The Taxonomy Fail Index

The Natural Patriot: Approaching the ultimate limits?

The Neurocritic: Ketamine for Depression: Yay or Neigh?

NeuroKüz: Endocannabinoids and the runner's high
NeuroKüz: Neuromarketing: subliminal advertising reinvented?

Neurophilosophy: Neurocriminology in prohibition-era New York
Neurophilosophy: The secret history of psychedelic psychiatry

The Neuropsychology of Happiness: Ask Two Questions

Neuroskeptic: Absolutely Confabulous
Neuroskeptic: Serotonin, Psychedelics and Depression

Neurotic Physiology: 'Who is Carl Sagan?'
Neurotic Physiology: PCR: when you need to find out who the daddy is.
Neurotic Physiology: On Balance and Grad School
Neurotic Physiology: Grad School Encouragement
Neurotic Physiology: Friday Weird Science: If you're happy and you know it, smell some pee!
Neurotic Physiology: Friday Weird Science: Having trouble pooping? Maybe you should your bra.
Neurotic Physiology (guest-post on The Guardian Science blog): If low serotonin levels aren't responsible for depression, what is?

Neurotopia: Attractiveness, anger, and warrior princess blondes
Neurotopia: A Letter to a Grad Student
Neurotopia: Friday Weird Science: Why does asparagus make your pee smell?
Neurotopia: On Animal Research

NeuroTribes: Oliver Sacks on Vision, His Next Book, and Surviving Cancer

Newscripts: In Search Of Mizoroki And Heck

the Node: Of White and Ancient Feathers
the Node: Grant writing in Africa

Not Exactly Rocket Science: Genes from Chagas parasite can transfer to humans and be passed on to children
Not Exactly Rocket Science: New Nicaraguan sign language shows how language affects thought
Not Exactly Rocket Science: Movies of life show the dance of dividing cells
Not Exactly Rocket Science: Gut bacteria in Japanese people borrowed sushi-digesting genes from ocean bacteria
Not Exactly Rocket Science: Evolutionary trees help to convict men who knowingly infected women with HIV
Not Exactly Rocket Science: Gut bacteria recap the evolution of apes
Not Exactly Rocket Science: How the cat that got the cream then drank it

Nutrition Wonderland: The Truth About Organic Farming
Nutrition Wonderland: Understanding Our Bodies: Insulin

Obesity Panacea: Should You Eat or Drink Your Fruits and Veggies? An Experiment.

Observations (Katherine Harmon): Your love is my drug: How passion sparks the same painkilling pathways as drugs
Observations (Larry Greenemeier): Keep it fun, simple and social, says Twitter ex-developer and user no. 9
Observations (Katherine Harmon): Candy-maker releases cacao (cocoa) genome sequence online
Observations (Katherine Harmon): Sounds like art fraud: Acoustic waves give clues to paintings' provenance

Observations of a Nerd: Evolution: The Curious Case of Dogs
Observations of a Nerd: Psych FAIL
Observations of a Nerd: Evolution: Watching Speciation Occur
Observations of a Nerd: Ancient Sex Scandals: Did We Get It On With Neandertals?
Observations of a Nerd: Reflections on the Gulf Oil Spill - Conversations With My Grandpa
Observations of a Nerd: Tuna
Observations of a Nerd: Testosterone Levels In Carcharhinus leucas: Is It All Bull?
Observations of a Nerd: The Science of Makeup
Observations of a Nerd: Evolution: A Game Of Chance?

The Online Lab of Kevin Zelnio: Evolution and Costs of Firefly Lights
The Online Lab of Kevin Zelnio (guest post on SciAm): To catch a fallen sea angel: A mighty mollusk detects ocean acidification

Opinionator (Olivia Judson): Laboratory Life
Opinionator (Olivia Judson): Evolving Sexual Tensions
Opinionator (Olivia Judson): Divide and Diminish
Opinionator (Olivia Judson): Enter the Chronotherapists

Oscillator: Knowledge is Power and Biology is Power, perhaps fused into a single essay.

Outdoor Science: A tale of death, derring-do and barometers
Outdoor Science: Where does desert sand come from?

Panda's Thumb: Randomly growing an embryo. It can work.

Peter MR's blog: A Scientist and the Web: "books" On the Cambridge Train
Peter MR's blog: A Scientist and the Web: Closed bibliography on the Cambridge train

Pharyngula: How to make a snake
Pharyngula: It's more than genes, it's networks and systems
Pharyngula: Blaschko's Lines
Pharyngula: Ray Kurzweil does not understand the brain

Phased: Autistic Children Have Difficulty Interpreting Shadows
Phased: Wyeth's Ghostwriters Falsely Promoted Hormone Replacement Therapy

The Plainspoken Scientist: Dude, you are speaking Romulan

PLoS Blog (John Pavlius): OK to GO: Rehabilitating Awesome

PodBlack Cat: Presenting, Minorities And The Token Skeptic At #AtheistCon

Pondering Blather: Peer review, schmeer review

Poseidon Sciences: The Agony and the Ecstasy: Why science writing is like learning tango and Chinese brush painting

The Prancing Papio: Are slow lorises really venomous?

The Primate Diaries: How Can Haiti Be Sustainable?
The Primate Diaries: Cultural Transmission in Chimpanzees
The Primate Diaries: Chimpanzees Prefer Fair Play To Reaping An Unjust Reward
The Primate Diaries: Punishing Cheaters Promotes the Evolution of Cooperation
The Primate Diaries: Prestigious Chimps and the Emergence of Cultural Innovation
The Primate Diaries: Scientific Ethics and the Myth of Stalin's Ape-Man Superwarriors
The Primate Diaries: For Great Apes, Addressing Inequality is Child's Play
The Primate Diaries: The scientist and the anarchist (part I) and The scientist and the anarchist (part II) and The Scientist and the Anarchist - Part III.
The Primate Diaries: Sacrifice on the Serengeti
The Primate Diaries: Reflections on the WEIRD Evolution of Human Psychology
The Primate Diaries: Sex, Evolution, and the Case of the Missing Polygamists
The Primate Diaries: Intelligent Design Creationists Abuse Science and Victims of the Holocaust
The Primate Diaries: Defending the Sensible: Charles Darwin and the Anti-Vivisection Controversy
The Primate Diaries: Stressing Motherhood: A primatologist discovers the social factors responsible for maternal infanticide

Professor in Training: Why manuscript reviews take forever
Professor in Training: The overlooked demographic

Prof-Like Substance: Can I get a Land's End catalog, STAT?

Promega Connections: How do I Describe Thee? Let Me Count the Ways
Promega Connections: Mate Selection at Frog Cocktail Parties: Keep it Short, Low, Loud, and Stand Out from the Crowd (Oh, and have a colorful vocal sac, too)
Promega Connections: Obstinately Overprotecting Odin
Promega Connections: YasunÃ: An Ecological Paradise That Exceeds All Superlatives
Promega Connections: Hummingbirds: Elaborate Trappings Of The Nectar Eater
Promega Connections: An Epigenetic Mountain for Ovarian Cancer Research
Promega Connections: The Chemistry of Autumn Colors
Promega Connections: Bacterial 'High-Flyer' Takes Center Stage In The Biotechnology Arena
Promega Connections: Shrinky Dinks Thermoplastics: Toying With Cutting Edge Research
Promega Connections: When a Cold, Wet, White Nose Isn't a Good Thing
Promega Connections: Finding Science in My Mother's Jewelry Box

Psycasm: ...Oh sorry, I totally phased out there
Psycasm: ...time is just there to stop everything happening at once
Psycasm: ...the Science of Dragon slaying and Cop killing
Psycasm: ...So sleepy, mustn't sleep
Psycasm: We should be music testing athletes!

Punctuated Equilibrium: Fossil virus leaves evolutionary footprints in songbird DNA
Punctuated Equilibrium: You've discovered a whacky wood-eating catfish? So what's new?
Punctuated Equilibrium: Genes Are Political Agnostics
Punctuated Equilibrium: Colour My World: Red parrot feathers resist bacterial degradation
Punctuated Equilibrium: Who's Your Momma? British and Irish mares made significant contribution to thoroughbred breed
Punctuated Equilibrium: What spots tell us about leopard ecology
Punctuated Equilibrium: Miniature Cuban frog packs a powerful punch

Reciprocal Space: I have discovered Jupiter
Reciprocal Space: Judgement Days
Reciprocal Space: A molecule of life and death
Reciprocal Space (guest-blogging at the Guardian): I'm in heaven with my telescope
Reciprocal Space: Homeopathy and the Structure of Memory

The Renaissance Mathematicus: Extracting the stopper.
The Renaissance Mathematicus: The Book of Nature is written in the language of mathematics.
The Renaissance Mathematicus: Extracting the stopper.
The Renaissance Mathematicus: Galileo's great bluff and part of the reason why Kuhn is wrong.

Rennie's Last Nerve: Blood Simple: Mammoths, mice, malaria and hemoglobin
Rennie's Last Nerve: Energetically Batty

rENNISance woman: Personal genethics
rENNISance woman: Smart phonies
rENNISance woman: The trouble with Wyndham

Research cycle research: In vino veritas - what problems does Open Access create?
Research cycle research: Why do we still publish research (via) papers?
Research Cycle Research: Where have all the data gone?

Respectful Insolence: When what an acupuncture study shows is much more interesting than what acupuncture believers think it shows

Sandwalk: On the Origin of the Double Membrane in Mitochondria and Chloroplasts

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: Epistemological Anarchists (comic/cartoon)

Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week: Lies, damned lies, and Clash of the Dinosaurs

Save Your Breath For Running Ponies: Your Friends Aren't Just Going To Forget You Envenomated Them, Sinornithosaurus.
Save Your Breath For Running Ponies: You Should Probably Just Move Oceans, Male Gulf Pipefish
Save Your Breath For Running Ponies: Trust Me When I Say You're Going to Need a Blow Torch and Some Rope, Amaurobius ferox Spiderlings.
Save Your Breath For Running Ponies: That's Just Gross, Leviathan melvillei.

Science After Sunclipse: All the Physics Stories We'll Ever Need

Sciencebase: Whatever happened to the audiophile
Sciencebase: Social Impact of Science
Sciencebase: Summer born lucky are born rich

The Science Essayist: The Naming of Things (Part I) and The Naming of Things (Part II)
The Science Essayist: The First Forgetting
The Science Essayist: This Constant Heart
The Science Essayist: An Outfield of Flycatchers
The Science Essayist: Oiling The Devil's Darning Needle

Science in Pen and Ink: Disappearing Dinosaurs

Science in Seconds: Africa's Next Top Hominid

Science in the Mist: Falling down the rabbit hole!

Science In The Triangle (DeLene Beeland): Hibernation devastation: White-nose syndrome and our bats

Science Progress: Ecosystems In the Age of Cassandra
Science Progress: Climate Change Preps For Its Scopes Trial

The Science Talent Project: Happy song scientists and sad song scientists

Science with Moxie: Musical Emotions: Chills Edition

The Scientist: On Public Relations
The Scientist: On making shit up

Skeptic Wonder: Social onycophorans!

Skulls in the Stars: Perpetual motion -- nonsense for over 100 years
Skulls in the Stars: Rolling out the (optical) carpet: the Talbot effect
Skulls in the Stars: Mythbusters were scooped -- by 130 years! (Archimedes death ray)
Skulls in the Stars: Singular Optics: Light chasing its own tail
Skulls in the Stars: Shocking: Michael Faraday does biology! (1839)
Skulls in the Stars: Invisibility physics: Kerker's 'invisible bodies'
Skulls in the Stars: Attack of the giant squid! (1874)

Slant Academia Digest: colaboration (poem)

Sleeping with the Fishes: Can seabirds overfish a resource? The case of cormorants in Estonia

Smells Like Science: Facing Death and Uncovering the Past
Smells Like Science: The Making of a Miracle Drug

Some Lies: Grantsmanship - skill or gift?

Southern Fried Scientist: The Data Speak
Southern Fried Scientist: Tournament marlins get bigger?
Southern Fried Scientist: Oil Spill vs. Hypoxic Zone
Southern Fried Scientist: Louis Agassiz and a brief history of early United States marine biology
Southern Fried Scientist: The Southern Fried Scientist's advice for new graduate students
Southern Fried Scientist: Sailing by Starlight: the lost art of celestial navigation
Southern Fried Scientist: Shark Conservation: The problem, the goal, and how to get there
Southern Fried Scientist: Back from the Brink: Victories in Conservation
Southern Fried Scientist: Great diagrams of science: What are they doing to those animals?

Speakeasy Science: Poison in the Night
Speakeasy Science: The Hour of Lead
Speakeasy Science: How to Poison a Small Country
Speakeasy Science: Periodically Crazy

The stoichiometric Equivalent: Acid/base equilibrium
The stoichiometric Equivalent: Ideas about learning: Jeanne Baxtresser and flute performance

Stripped Science: The end of the homeopathy business (comic strip)
Stripped Science: Molecule of the Month (cartoon)

Student Voices: Are We Friends with Them?
Student Voices: A typical day of a Science Student in Malaysia

Take it to the Bridge: Neuronistas vs. Reticularistas

Terra Sigillatta: Marking the magnificient memory of Henrietta Lacks

Testimony of the spade: Surveys on my mind
Testimony of the spade: Door to Door
Testimony of the spade: A few flashes from last week
Testimony of the spade: Pictures of yesteryears
Testimony of the spade: Ãlsoppa (Beer soup) - how does it taste?
Testimony of the spade: A cultural historic food adventure

Tetrapod Zoology: Testing the flotation dynamics and swimming abilities of giraffes by way of computational analysis

The Theory: I, Quantum: Reconstructing the collapsed wavefunction with Heisenbergian certainty
The Theory: The electrogyre model: Playing dice with the quantum, chemical elements, planets, antimatter, and God
The Theory: Solving the paradox of quantal wave-particle duality
The Theory: CHNOPS and biogeochemical cycles - origin, emergence, and meaning to life
The Theory: The 70% "coincidence" - Modeling the origin of water in the Universe
The Theory: Theoretical explanation of peak oil, climate change, and carbon-based life
The Theory: The true origin and nature of phosphomembranes
The Theory: Becoming DNA
The Theory: Entropy, optropy, and the fourth law of thermodynamics
The Theory: Louis Pasteur, chirality, and gyraxioms
The Theory: From RNA to the aminogyre
The Theory: The concept of trimergence
The Theory: Expanding on the ribogyre

There and (hopefully) back again...: Everyday (lab) living
There and (hopefully) back again: Humanization of biomedical research
There and (hopefully) back again: What you say vs. what I hear

Thoughts from Kansas: Climate change legislation didn't hurt Democrats
Thoughts from Kansas: Role models: Martin Luther King, Jr or Malcolm X
Thoughts from Kansas: What do Haeckel's Embryos Signify?
Thoughts from Kansas: Science vs. Religion in the Washington Post
Thoughts from Kansas: Values and facts
Thoughts from Kansas: NSF governing board spikes evolution from science literacy report

The Thoughtful Animal: Snakes on a Muppethugging Plane! (Monday Pets)
The Thoughtful Animal: Elephants Say 'Bee-Ware!'
The Thoughtful Animal: Your Brain on Fast Food
The Thoughtful Animal: A Bonobo in the Hand or Two Chimps in the Bush?
The Thoughtful Animal: Social Cognition in Polar Bears
The Thoughtful Animal: Why do we eat chilli?
The Thoughtful Animal: Man's new best friend? A forgotten Russian experiment in fox domestication
The Thoughtful Animal: Pessimistic Pooches? Depressed Doggies? Not So Fast!
The Thoughtful Animal: Ed Tronick and the "Still Face Experiment"
The Thoughtful Animal: What Can Dolphins Tell Us About The Evolution of Friendship?

Three-Toed Sloth: In which Dunning-Krueger meets Slutsky-Yule, and they make music together

Through the Sandglass: Life and art, sand and glass: the wonders of Difflugia

Thoughtomics: Living fossils don't exist...
Thoughtomics: Crabs expose colliding continents

Thoughts and Ideas From a Paleo Punker: Different lions react in different ways to territorial intrusions.
Thoughts and Ideas From a Paleo Punker: Shadow of Bagheera--the black leopards of the Malay Peninsula

Time travelling: Staring at them resting
Time travelling: Animal Lores: Myths, Disasters, and Animals
Time travelling: The Dolphins of Punta Santiago
Time travelling: The Mangrove Land Crabs of Punta Santiago

Tom Paine's Ghost: Faith and Science at the World Science Festival - 2010
Tom Paine's Ghost: BARP Goes the Weasel!
Tom Paine's Ghost: A Brush with Madness

Traversing the Razor: Which science communicator are you? and New Variants of Science Communicator! fused into a single essay.
Traversing the Razor: Social change or social networking? How can we exploit the weak ties?
Traversing the Razor: Earthquakes and Volcanoes in Saudi Arabia!

The Tree of Life: Human genome project oversold? sure but lets not undersell basic science
The Tree of Life: PZ Myers will reveal his decision on free blogagency on live TV
The Tree of Life: Story Behind the Nature Paper on 'A phylogeny driven genomic encyclopedia of bacteria & archaea' #genomics #evolution
The Tree of Life: Enough w/ the good: here are the top10 problems w/ the #scio10 meeting

UCAR Magazine: Brrr: The AO is way low

Uncertain Principles: Science Is More Like Sumo Than Soccer

The Urban Ethnographer: When the Lights Go Down in the City
The Urban Ethnographer: Greening the Big Apple
The Urban Ethnographer: Smells From the Past: The Fulton Fish Market

Urban Science Adventures! ©: The Black History Month Post I never wanted to write

US LHC Blogs: Let's draw Feynman diagrams!
US LHC Blogs: The Joy of Physics
US LHC Blogs: Welcome to college, future colleagues (advice for science undergrads)

Water Numbers: Peter Gleick at The best argument against global warming

wet: Save the Whale Poop

Wild Muse: Wolf recovery vs. ecosystem health
Wild Muse: Givin' props to hybrids
Wild Muse: A new take on necking (in giraffes, that is)
Wild Muse: More hybrid lovin': coywolves, wolves and coyotes...

White Coat Underground: What should we call it?

Wonderland: When a deaf man has Tourette's
Wonderland: Mom and Pop Parenting: Determinism Strikes Again

WooFighters: My Inspiration for Woo Fighters

Ya Like Dags?: Ocean of Pseudoscience: Flipper is a Fraud!
Ya Like Dags?: Fear Will Keep Them in Line


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The list is growing fast - check the submissions to date and get inspired to submit something of your own - an essay, a poem, a cartoon or original art. The Submission form is here so you can get started. Under the fold are entries so far, as well as buttons and the bookmarklet. The instructions…
The list is growing fast - check the submissions to date and get inspired to submit something of your own - an essay, a poem, a cartoon or original art. The Submission form is here so you can get started. Under the fold are entries so far, as well as buttons and the bookmarklet. The instructions…
The list is growing fast - check the submissions to date and get inspired to submit something of your own - an essay, a poem, a cartoon or original art. The Submission form is here so you can get started. Under the fold are entries so far, as well as buttons and the bookmarklet. The instructions…
The list is growing fast - check the submissions to date and get inspired to submit something of your own - an essay, a poem, a cartoon or original art. The Submission form is here so you can get started. Under the fold are entries so far, as well as buttons and the bookmarklet. The instructions…