Celebrating Role Models in Science & Engineering Achievement: Kristin Laidre

Kristin Laidre --Marine Mammal Biologist

Kristin Laidre 2

Kristin Laidre is one of the world's foremost experts on the elusive, mysterious Narwhal whale. Her work with native communities in Arctic regions of Canada and Greenland is helping to preserve the Narwhal and other sea mammals from the effects sea ice loss due to climate change.

"I was always interested in marine biology, marine animals, and even science as a junior-high and high school student," she recalls. "In upstate New York I rarely got to visit the ocean, but when I did (usually on Long Island), I loved it and knew if I could create the opportunity, I'd like to spend more time around the sea."

Read more about the fascinating biography of Kristin Laidre including how she handles the harsh conditions of the Arctic here.

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