X-STEM School PHS Presents: Super Science Saturday!

By: Nancy Trang 

USA Science & Engineering Festival X-STEM Coordinator


Snow may have kept many people at home on Saturday, Feb. 15, 2014 but not the young aspiring scientists from USA Science & Engineering Festival X-STEM School  Patriot High School (PHS) in Nokesville, Virginia.  The PHS Science National Honor Society (SNHS) organized a free science education event, called Super Science Saturday, for 2nd-7th graders from around the community. The event which took place at the Bull Run Regional Library, was organized by the members of the SNHS to educate kids about science and to also advocate for the 2014 USA Science Fair and Festival.


The event was a tremendous success. Six SNHS members volunteered to run the event and about 35 kids and several parents attended the one hour and 15 minute presentation.  The kids got to learn about genetics by tasting PTC paper, learn about sensory biology through a Skittles tasting experiment, see chemistry in action by observing the Mentos and diet coke experiment and a dry ice demonstration, create a science fortune teller to quiz their friends and family, and make a famous scientist book to learn about famous scientists. In particular, the kids seem to find the Mentos and diet coke experiment to be most enjoyable due to their many “oohs” and “ahhhs.”
A parent mentioned “This was a great presentation. My children and I enjoyed it and the presentation was well polished.” The librarian commended the students for their excellent presentation and invited the SNHS to present again in the future.  Nancy Trang, a junior at PHS and vice president of the SNHS, said “It was a fantastic event! It was a pleasure to help young kids learn more about science. The role of our club is to advocate for science and I am very happy that we have accomplished this through our Super Science Saturday. As an X-STEM coordinator school, we also got the kids super excited about the upcoming USA Science Fair and Festival, so mission accomplished!”
Learn more about the mission of X-STEM School Patriot High School here.
Learn more about the USA Science & Engineering Festival X-STEM School Program by clicking this link. 

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