From Hydrogen Car Challenges to Fab Lab Demos, Get Set as Chevron's STEM Zone Takes Science Discovery to the Limit!

USA-Science-Festival-Sponsor-ChevronWhen it comes to wowing young learners with a wide array of exciting hands-on experiences in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), the Chevron STEM Zone exhibit ranks among the nation's best! Get ready when the "STEM Zone" lives up to its reputation during its debut at the Festival Expo in April, bringing to visitors a smorgasbord of dynamic, interactive science demonstrations in one 3600 square-foot location.

Chevron, which joins the Festival this year as a major sponsor, has used its STEM Zone with great success as a popular science outreach extravaganza throughout the country at various locations -- from science celebrations in the San Francisco Bay Area to high-profile athletic events, averaging 20 such appearances a year.

Chevron 2 USA Science  Engineering Sponsor And now the excitement of the STEM Zone is coming to the Festival Expo! "Chevron and its outreach partners are thrilled about bringing the STEM Zone to the USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo -- the largest event of its kind in the nation -- to help make science come to life for kids and adults alike in meaningful hands-on ways by showing them how science is applied in the real world," says Janet Auer, Chevron's Specialist of Education and Corporate Programs.

"The STEM Zone also serves to showcase Chevron's partner's including high school and college students who are interested in engineering who help conduct STEM Zone exhibit activities", adds Blair Blackwell, Manager of Education and Corporate Programs at Chevron.

"Our long-term nonprofit partners include Project Lead the Way and The Fab Foundation, and our high school and college students from various parts of the country that will serve as mentors in science and engineering for young students."

Get set as the Chevron STEM Zone prepares to bring these and other interactive experiences to the Festival Expo Finale,  April 26-27, at the Washington, D.C. Convention Center:

Hydrogen Car Challenge Workshop -- Using a reversible fuel cell, you will produce electricity with a hand crank generator to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen through electrolysis. From there, you can use the fuel cell to race a small vehicle with the electricity produced when the hydrogen and oxygen unite back together into water!

Electronics Workshop Using Squishy Circuits -- Young students will use Squishy Circuits to make electrical circuits with play dough. Circuits can be as simple as snakes of play dough that connect batteries and LEDs or as complicated as sculptures that light up or vibrate. This activity provides a fun, tactile, non-soldering electronics experience for participants!

Project Lead The Way (PLTW) and Fab Lab Demos -- Be there when PLTW high school students demonstrate bridge truss designs, fabrication and stress fracturing in exciting ways!

The Festival thanks Chevron and our other sponsors and partners for helping to inspire the next generation STEM innovators.

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