Science Buddies Joins the Festival as a Major Sponsor!

usa-science-engineering-festival-nobelium-sponsor-Science-Buddies1You've heard the saying: Science is truly all around us. Get ready to discover how accurate this maxim really is as Science Buddies, an award-winning, non-profit resource in STEM for students, joins the USA Science & Engineering Festival as a major sponsor. Moreover, don't miss Science Buddies' exciting, hands-on exhibits for kids at the Festival Expo, which include delving into the physics of catapult launching and how to build your own robot "bugs" that follow light!

It's a natural fit for us at Science Buddies to join with the Festival in sharing projects that encourage kids to keep exploring science at school and home," says Kenneth L. Hess, Founder and President of Science Buddies.

He adds: "Since 2001, Science Buddies has been engaging young people in science and engineering. Every year our website helps millions of K-12 students create hands-on science and engineering projects of outstanding quality, interact with real-life science and engineering role models, compete in their local science fairs, and ultimately become inspired to pursue further education in science and technology."

ScienceBuddiesIn its mission to help students build their literacy in science and technology so they can become productive and engaged citizens in the 21st century, Science Buddies has developed a library of resources designed to make science fun and engaging for everyone. "We start with a range of topics that are naturally interesting to kids, such as sports, music, video games, or cooking, and then provide kids with a framework to explore the science within," says Kenneth.

For exhibits at Festival Expo 2014, Science Buddies has chosen to feature engaging, hands-on activities that kids can perform easily and safely at home or school.

These include:

Catapult Physics: Have you ever wanted to build a small catapult and launch a projectile from it? This exhibit will show you how to build a catapult powered by rubber bands and that launches ping-pong balls! In addition, test your skill in the physics of projectile motion by trying to hit different targets with the projectiles. A fun challenge for adults too!

Robot "Bugs" That Follow Light: Do you like robots? What about bugs? Check out this exhibit that shows you how to build your own miniature robots follow beams emitted from flashlights, just like real bugs. Stop by and you can get a chance to play with a bunch of pre-assembled robots, or talk to one of our scientists and get directions about how to build your own.

"Science Buddies tries to meet kids where their interests intersect with science and help them to see that it can be fun and easy to do science projects at home," says Kenneth. "We want kids and parents to walk away feeling excited about science and confident that they can continue with explorations at home knowing that Science Buddies resources will be there to provide them with the level of support they need."

And this support includes giving kids valuable insight into the hot careers available in science and engineering, he adds, particularly where their interests could lead in terms of career opportunities. "Science Buddies has developed over 150 career profiles in different areas of science," says Kenneth. "These profiles showcase what scientists really do and what it takes to prepare for these careers. Each career profile provides basic career information such as salary, job outlook, and college degree requirements."

The Science Buddies website also includes videos featuring interviews with real scientists about their work.


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