Dairy Cows Read the Writing on the Wall

In 2001, scientists at New Zealand biotechnology firm ViaLactia (that translates to Milk Road, right?), identified a cow with a genetic mutation that resulted in its producing skim milk. Since then, Milk Road has successfully bread a strain of cows from the original- Marge - that only produce skim milk. Marge and her offspring produce milk that is very low in saturated fats but high in healthier polyunsaturates and monounsaturated fats. This type of milk is apparently ideal for technological marvels like more-spreadable butter. Currently, dairy company's specializing in skim milk must separate the cream from the milk and then sell off the cream byproduct. Clearly catering to the health conscious consumer years before it was in vogue, Marge is a branding visionary who deserves an honorary MBA or two.

Cow of the future?

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