Shores of Ancient Sweden

i-6dbead8ecaf69b12cbf30eb9c9fdd914-Vardinge 1000 BC 500 px.png

The National Geological Survey of Sweden has put an interactive deglaciation and shoreline displacement model for the country on-line for free. You can download detailed hi-res maps of your favourite parts of Sweden for 0-16 thousand years ago, and a few thousand years into the future! (But only at intervals of whole millennia.) Invaluable for Swedish prehistorians!

Above is the area between Långbro and Hjortsberga in Vårdinge parish, Södermanland, where I'm planning some fieldwork, as it looked in 1000 BC according to current knowledge of the shoreline displacement process. I scouted the area out last spring and found a cupmark boulder. It's on a known settlement & burial site located on the southern shore of the long-gone lake in the middle of the map.

Thanks to Kenneth Alexandersson for the tip-off.

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