We've been BoingBoinged

Is that even a verb? I know it's appropriate to say "Slashdotted" and "Farked" and stuff, but I don't think I've ever heard the appropriate term for having a link on boing boing. Anyway, thanks to them for mentioning the Scienceblogs collective on their site, and welcome to folks following their link. Nice to be in the company of sleeved blankets and papercraft sushi. :D

(Permalink here--thanks redboat)

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BoingBoing beats everyone down - Instalanche, Pharyngulanche and Atrioslanche look puny compared to getting Boinged. And I should know: When I started Circadiana, I posted the first post in the evening and the sitemeter detected (my own) three visits. When I woke up in the morning there were more than 1000 visits on it already - Cory linked to it and all hell broke loose - that one post is still making the rounds on delicious, stumbleupon, LiveJournals etc, more than a year later, and I still, to this day, get hits from that BB link!

Wait a minute! I've been here before! Ah well, not everything on BoingBoing is new under the sun. Congrats on being categorized a wonderful thing, you wonderful thing you.