Addressing more Ebola myths

For several days now, people have been quoting The Hot Zone* at me as a realistic account of an Ebola outbreak. I have an article up today at addressing this and some more Ebola myths: Everything you know about Ebola is wrong.


*Entertaining as hell, but very over-dramatized.

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Great article. I watched "Outbreak" when I was home sick with cytamegalo virus... I scared the crap out of myself. Since then, I have read as much as I can about Ebola, including "The Hot Zone". I also follow the news regarding the periodic outbreaks. As soon as this one got out of control I was just waiting for the panic to set in, and boy has it ever. Thank you, Tara, for all you are doing to help keep people informed. It has been great finding your articles.

Just a thought, if ebola was airborne amongst humans, then wouldn't it be claiming more lives? So if it were really an airborne virus since its genesis, by now we would've had a vaccine for it. However, the doctors who were infected were covered head to toe so how did they contract it? There are some really weird things going on right now. At this point we cannot trust media. We are being lied to like always.