Verdict in Texas Nurse Trial - Not Guilty

The title on this one pretty much says it all - after less than an hour of deliberation, the jury in the trial of Anne Mitchell came back with a not guilty verdict. The civil suit against the doctor, hospital, sheriff, district attorney, and county will presumably now come out of the holding pattern it's been in while the criminal case was pending.


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Embattled Texas nurse Anne Mitchell was readily declared innocent by a jury yesterday, proving that she didn't belong in a courtroom in the first place. After filing complaints about a doctor who sold herbal remedies in the ER and performed unorthodox surgical procedures, Anne Mitchell was…
Remember the case of the Winkler County nurses? This is the story of two nurses who blew the whistle on a bad doctor, a quack even, in my opinion. As a result they faced the very real possibility of jail time. And not just jail time, but serious jail time, up to ten years. I first wrote about this…
Well, that didn't take long, at least not once the trial ended. It's good to see the jury act with such alacrity to find Anne Mitchell not guilty and send a strong message to the hapless Dr. Rolando Arafiles and his errand boy Sheriff Robert L. Roberts, who spent more effort tracking down a nurse…
While I'm at it blogging about the trial of Anne Mitchell, the nurse who is being maliciously prosecuted for having reported a doctor who hawks serious woo in the form of colloidal silver for H1N1 and who also happens to be buddies with the County Sheriff, I thought it would be worthwhile to post…

Haha. Now it's the turn of morality to turn the spotlight on the sheriff and the quack doctor.

Can't the judge declare a mistrial and find a meaner jury to try her again?

By Rose Colored Glasses (not verified) on 11 Feb 2010 #permalink

I am so relieved. This case got my attention back in early Febuary however,I lost track of the outcome. Bless you Nurse, keep doing your job! I too am a nurse. I too work in Compliance and I am licensed in Florida as Risk Manager. I am so sorry for the people who are treated in this hospital. This hospital is supporting a level of incompetence by refusing to eliminate this physician.

To think, that for doing my job and following the mutiple codes of conduct required to follow: registered licensed nurse, certified compliance and licensed risk manager, I would not be protected by my hospital! This single point states a great deal about the quality of that health care facility in Kermit Texas.

I say let's send the local state and federal regualtors and inspectors on-site to take a good hard look at this hospital!

For the nurse: she deserves a vacation and a relocation package.

For the doctor: the board of medicine, IRS, and Department of Revenue needs to take another look at this incompetence.

And the sheriff? He needs to resign or retire immediately!