an old-school, classy Braille watch

I think the Haptica, by David Chavez, is pretty awesome:

I've seen some criticisms that this watch is misguided, because you can already get affordable watches that speaks the time aloud. As far as I'm concerned, those criticisms miss the point (as does the Kickstarter video, somewhat, with its emphasis on the potential embarrassment factor of audible watches). This project acknowledges that to a blind person, reading Braille is not only less embarrassing, it's also faster, easier, and (for some) more dignified than being read to. It assumes the blind, like the sighted, deserve access to high-end, indulgent, quirky products. And it's such a clever little feat of engineering and product design, many sighted people will likely want one too - especially sighted people with a penchant for steampunk and retrotechnology. All of that represents a shift in the way we think about product design for people with unique needs, from compensating to celebrating differences. Why not?

Via crunchgear.

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