Because I feel neglectful

I know I said I'd be neglecting the place for a bit… but I still feel bad about that!

Here's what I've been working on. I'm afraid this is sort of the Cliff's Notes version, but at least it looks pretty?

If you're coming to Access 2009 next week, you'll see the full version, which should make a bit more sense.

More like this

Wow! I love your pictures, where did you find them? are they stock photos?

Did the audience end up having trouble reading some of the data slides?

Most of the photos in my presentations come from Creative Commons-licensed materials on Flickr. This one has one or two from Wikimedia, and possibly a US Government photo or two as well. If you scroll down on Slideshare, you'll see that each photo has a credit URL.

I didn't hear any complaints about the font -- it may have helped that the presentation was projected on a twenty-foot-tall screen!