Independence Days Gets a Second Printing!

My happy-happy-joy-joy of the day. Apparently Independence Days needs a second print run, only 3 months after its release! Yay!

So just in case you are wondering why the heck you'd want to store food, and wanted to start from the beginning, well, there will be no shortage of copies.

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Congrats Beth

Congratulations! That's wonderful news. I've been reading (in between pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding books) and I've really been enjoying it, as well as building up our food storage. I'm thinking it will be extra helpful when the baby comes, I don't want to go shopping and I'm not getting paid because I'm not working. Perfect example of "just in case" food storage!

Well, I have my copy safely on the shelf and will very happily recommend it to anyone else who asks! Now that I know there will be plenty of copies, of course. :)

Yay for you!

and ... thanks for the great books & blogs. :)

It is your best book so far (I have all and I am happily anticipating AIP).

By Julie Mason (not verified) on 17 Feb 2010 #permalink

Congratulations!! I have recently read all three books (in fact, just finished one last night), and I would heartily recommend them to anyone. I don't necessarily agree with all your points, but at least you present your ideas in a clear, rational and factual manner - as well as being well written and fun!

That'll be me then. I've just spent some Christmas money on it, from a real bookshop but am waiting for it to arrive in the UK

Sharon - I've sold a few copies myself! It was suggested reading in my last class (only because I hadn't finished reading it myself and requiring a book I haven't finished is a little too domineering) and will be required reading in an upcoming course. Congratulations, you have worked hard for this success and seeing it come to fruition must feel mighty gratifying!


Very many congratulations, Sharon. To my embarrassment I haven't finished reading it yet as I have had so much on, and am such a slow reader.

My book had a rather ambitious first run, so I don't know when and even if it'll get reprinted. It's cool in a non-financial way that over 1000 people have downloaded it for free, though. I guess you do that too by saying so much in your blogs - one day I'll also catch up on those too!