Like Poultry? Looking for Something To Do this Weekend?

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If you are anywhere near the Massachusetts North Shore, you could come on up on Saturday between 10 and 2 to Beverly. Say howdy, hang out, talk poultry, see the fanciest and newly expanded chicken coop in town and enjoy what is supposed to be a stunningly beautiful spring day near the seashore. My Moms are holding their second annual "Chicken Open House" to encourage new poultry keepers, and we'll be visiting. Last year they expected 20 people and more than a hundred showed up - it was a blast.

The address is 10 Harrison Ave, Beverly, MA 01915.

Here's more info! Hope to see some of you there!

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More than a hundred?? yow. Did you advertise that one via the blog too?

I know a few oops stories about this kind of thing, just for your delectation. One "pick-your-own" berry place had been slogging along for several years, and finally got a big newspaper story just before the blueberries. They had around 2,000 people show up - parking for 40, toilets for 30- roads with no overflow capability or place to turn around- the sheriff had to come and untangle it.

The sheriff was not amused. :-)

Have fun anyway!

Sounds like a great weekend! I will be home, however, finishing the house and pen for my eleven runner ducks!

Infrastructure - how little I have for adapting in place. But I am developing some simple carpentry skills alongside the gardening, food preserving, and animal husbandry . . .

Thanks for your encouragement! ¡Viva el estiercol!

Poo can't make it, signed up for grounds clean up at church. Feel free to let anyone who live in my area to contact me if they want more chicken info or how to rais chickens without trying :). Beth Green Hill Farm Shrewsbury where the gardens are finally being worked.