Oh, the Cuteness!

You asked for baby goat pictures - we've got baby goat pictures!

Goat Babies July Aug 2010 023.JPG
(Calendula meets Rubeus the cat)

Goat Babies July Aug 2010 004.JPG

(Basil, one of Bast's two boys in her set of triplets)

Goat Babies July Aug 2010 007.JPG

(Goldenrod, the other buckling - not sure if you can really appreciate his gorgeous coloring!)

Goat Babies July Aug 2010 010.JPG

(Asher holding Calendula, Goldenrod and Basil's sister)

Goat Babies July Aug 2010 013.JPG

(Phil the housemate holds Marshmallow - or we assume it is Marshmallow, since she and her sister are pretty much identical)

Goat Babies July Aug 2010 019.JPG

(Simon and Isaiah were told they absolutely should not smile while holding Licorice, Marshmallow's twin).

Goat Babies July Aug 2010 001.JPG

(A visiting friend, Gideon, holds Meadowsweet, the first baby of the season).

Goat Babies July Aug 2010 029.JPG

(Licorice and Angus the cat encounter one another for the first time - neither is sure they like what they see.)

Goat Babies July Aug 2010 009.JPG

(Astrophysicists are, of course, innately adorable. Baby goats only make them more so.)

So, as I said, we got us some cute.


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Jessie finally kidded early Monday morning, giving us a solid ten baby goats, five does and five bucks. And on Thursday while celebrating one of my best friends' birthdays, we set them almost all out on parade (we ran out of kids to hold them before we ran out of kids to be held): (From left to…
(Stachys, at about 3 weeks) Today Stachys and Hemp enter the monastary. They are the youngest of the boys and at 8 weeks plus, it is time for them to leave their Moms. Stachys is just about 8 weeks, and at that point, could conceivably start breeding his sisters and his Mom (he's *huge* too - I…
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Well, first there's the baby goats. Last Friday, we collected our foster goat, Tayish. He belongs to a friend from our synagogue who won him in a raffle, believe it or not. He's a 10 week old wether, and the kids have made a pet of him. Here's Simon holding him: Then, on Sunday, Bast gave us…

Ah yes, very adorable! My kids are sitting here begging me for baby goats.

Uh...aren't baby goats also called kids?

I c wut u did ther...

Ahhhhh! My heart is melting! I can't believe they seem smaller than the cats. I mean, intrisically I know this is possible, but STILL!

Oh, that brings back memories. My Dad raised goats, for milk, when I was a young. I fell in love with the kids. He begged me not to name them. He said if I named them he would not have the heart to sell them. So, of course I named them. I played with them all summer long. My Dad, being the softy he is couldn't sell them. Chip, Dale and Cindy (triplets)stayed with him for years.

OMG look at the little hoooooooves!

By Katherine (not verified) on 11 Aug 2010 #permalink

Dying from all the cuteness!

I'm convinced there is nothing on earth - not kittens, not puppies, not chickies or duckies - as cute as baby goats. My friend Helen has an inordinate number of kids this year and the cuteness factor is so off the scale that it hurts to go visit. It's hardly believeable that my voice can go up that high when I see them. Squeeeee! Indeed!

By Kerri in AK (not verified) on 11 Aug 2010 #permalink

Oh, the picture of Asher with little Calendula makes me melt. Thank you for sharing.

By craftydabbler (not verified) on 11 Aug 2010 #permalink

Oh good grief, now I want goats.

By auntieintellectual (not verified) on 12 Aug 2010 #permalink

You goat-pusher, you. My cruel husband keeps saying we can't get goats. Not even when I showed him the goat and cat picture, which he admitted was great.

Your boys are adorable. Your husband is handsome. Even your housemate is pretty cute. And then you add BABY GOATS.

Cute beyond words! These pics warmed my heart and made me smile. Thanks for posting!

Damn Girl! That's a whole lotta cute goin' on!

you're right - they are adorable, all of them :)