While I'm Gone...

I've got to leave you with something fun to read. I'll be in Virginia for several days - if you are anywhere near Monticello's Heritage Harvest Festival this Saturday you should come by - it is going to be fabulous.. I'm going to be talking about how Jefferson's idea of "A Nation of Farmers" can be lived today, and I'm giving a workshop on low-energy food preservation, complete with tastings. C'mon by and say hello! I'll be the one following Patti Moreno around admiringly ;-).

The family and I are making this an extended holiday (Rosh Hashana) trip with visits to family and friends on the way to Charlottesville, so I'll be totally offline until next Monday. So I thought I'd leave you with some ideas for things to read.

First, if you are in the mood for scholarly, thoughtful and really fascinating, try this UN FAO publication in the history and present uses of grain ferments in African, Asian, Pacific and Latin American countries. Yum.

If you happen to run into the October issue of _Eating Well Magazine_, the last page has a hysterically funny essay by Rowan Jacobson about trying to violate every single one of Michael Pollan's _Food Rules_ in a single day. Let's just say that "Slim Jim" is pretty much your best friend if you ever want to try this endeavor. For that matter, if you picking up magazines, the latest issue of _Utne Reader_ has an excerpt from _A Nation of Farmers_ in it.

Raj Patel has a great piece on Mozambique's Food Riots

Kathy Harrison has a fabulous recipe for Jardiniere - I've tried it, it is awesome!

The ever-fascinating Matron of Husbandry is mulling over what's in her foodshed.

A visual exploration of urban agriculture in Anyang South Korea

I've also got two beautiful little goats for sale who will be ready to leave their Moms in a few weeks - check it out. I'd really like to sell Basil as a buck, particularly since Ring Bearer/Frodo's dam, Goddess just one #1 in the US ADGA for Milk, Butterfat and Protein among Nigerian Dwarves - yup, his Grandma is the best producing Nigerian of 2010 in the ADGA. Check them out!

And last of all, my all time favorite travellin' song, which I have to listen to every time I head south. See y'all in a week!

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Sharon - I saw in the agenda that you will be speaking on root cellars. Here in central Virginia, many homes (especially newer ones) have no basement. Will you have suggestions on how to do a root cellar when your home has no basement?

- Nancy

Thank you for the wonderful talk at Monticello's Heritage Harvest Fest this past Saturday. It was informative and inspiring, as is your book "Independence Days," which I am enjoying thoroughly. Now that I've found your blog, I am sure I'll become an avid reader of that, as well.

And, "Wagon Wheel" is the perfect "going South" song--I listen to it every time I come back home from a visit back to my hometown in the North.

Safe journey!

Nancy - I see that you haven't gotten an answer yet, and wanted to suggest you read "Root Cellaring" by the Bubels. They do cover your question within the book (I have a copy at home).