Between now and 4:30 Tuesday morning, I have to get 1 extraordinarily cute lion, three vikings and a clown ready for Halloween (the Vikings are going to pillage a neighboring town with two of their best friends, the other two are just trick or treating), do a few dozen errands, shovel out the snow, vaccinate 32 goats, take said lion, vikings and clown to demand sugar as fealty from various people, pack and try and have enough of my book draft done so that my editor doesn't kick my ass from here to British Columbia when she sees me. So I'm guessing I won't be posting much.

I'll try and do some material from ASPO, but last year that didn't go so well - besides the fact that I was working the whole time, by the time I got back to my hotel room at night, wine had been involved, which does not make me either a more fluent writer or more likely to turn the computer on at 1am. So if this blog is quiet for a while, well, my apologies - I'm pretty sure the internet has something else for you to read, though ;-).


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Just so ya know, if you ever *do* get your ass kicked to British Columbia, I'll come get you. :)

It's only one province away, eh? You'd be worth the drive.

Have fun pillaging the neighbourhood, enjoy ASPO and if, while you are there, a Jew, a Catholic, and a Druid *do* manage to walk into a bar... take a picture, k?

"vaccinate 32 goats, " - whoa nelly! Are you telling me you've got a herd of 32 goats now?! That's an entirely different enterprise from "a few goats", and a little milk and cheese! Tell us more, please- including where the goats are going, so to speak, and the economics of it all.

I've got a friend in Vancouver; just sayin'...

If the editor manages to kick you across the Georgia Strait as well, you've got a home on Vancouver Island :)