RIP Maurice Sendak

Speaking as someone with kids who pretty much are Alligators All Around and Wild Things most of the time, I'm going to miss him. Thanks, Maurice, for the books that fed my childhood and now the childhood of all the kids I love!

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I honestly wish i had never watched this video about these sickly, anthropocentric, Indian-bashing, rakish, pushy, cross-dressing alligators. Did you see Maurice Sendak with Stephen Colbert? Unbelievably funny and awesome.

Rest in Peace, Maurice Sendak...

I'm not wild about the Indians image, but it is just one of 26, and expecting older material to be to fully modern standards doesn't usually work. The rest of it is awesomely funny to me, at least. But then I've got six little boys in my house.


Anything after the old cartoon Go, Go, Gophers is an improvement (though I loved those "two little Indians, left all alone." :-)

By Stephen B. (not verified) on 08 May 2012 #permalink

"The Sign on Rosie's Door" was my daughter's favourite. And Kenny's Window (An only goat is a lonely goat). Twenty five years later she messages me to say "Maurice Sendak and Russel Hoban both gone in the last six months. Makes me cry."

By southernrata (not verified) on 08 May 2012 #permalink