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In honor of Making Home, my new book on Adapting-In-Place which comes out in August, New Society has offered to sponsor a spot in my Adapting-in-Place class that starts tomorrow.  In exchange for a sponsored spot for a low-income participant who couldn't otherwise afford to take the class, New Society will ask for a weekly blog post on what the class is doing, what it is like and what you are thinking about.  I'll post them at my site, and they will also appear on the NS blog.   I already have one blogger doing this, but I have one more space (sorry, only one).  Email me at if you'd like to participate.  All you have to do is send a weekly email with your update on the class - and those reading along will get to see what it is like!

UPDATED - the BLOGGING SPOT IS TAKEN!  I have no more scholarship spots - so sorry!


I also have a couple of regular spaces in the class - email me for details.   Class officially starts tomorrow, but don't worry too much if you are off for the July 4th holiday - the class is asynchronous, so you participate when you have time.

I've had a couple of people enroll because of the recent blackouts in the mid-Atlantic - they were spurred on by the hard reality of lack of power in the middle of a hot summer.  I hope all of you are keeping safe and keeping ready as best you can in the heat!  Happy fourth!





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Not affording this one but am buying the book!! I really look forward to the additional blog posts!

Says she sleeping under a wet sheet tonight. :D