No More Kids...For Now

So the kids didn't come into care yesterday, which means we can go back to being our usual slacker selves about putting away the legos,  tinker toys and other choking hazards - until the next batch of little ones arrived.   I admit to a mix of relief and sorrow.  Relief that the children in question are not in such dire straits that they have to leave their home and family.  Relief also because even though I'm loving having a baby around again, I'm not sure I really wanted two of them, plus two toddlers.

On the other hand, I really feel like our house is too empty right now - we have space and time and resources for more children than the five we've got, and everyone wants another placement.   This wasn't my ideal, but then, life isn't ideal, and the kids who need us aren't kids we get to pick.

The upside is that going into a weekend busy with Simon's 11th birthday party and family visits, the house is tidy, the laundry is done, there are baked goods awaiting consumption and my stash of clothes for older girls is undergoing expansion...for the next time.  Because that, of course, the thing - there's always a next time.  I wish there wasn't, of course, but as long as there is, well, we're readier.



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Probably a good thing.
Would it do kids any good to be exposed to the obscenities Chez Astyk & indeed everybody on "scienceblogs" and the entire eco-Nazi movement feels appriopriate? Even if that was arguable I would suggest that being taught that absloutely any form of lying and stealing was fine might make them unable to operate successfully in society when they reach adulthood?

By Neil Craig (not verified) on 16 Nov 2012 #permalink

That's why you don't have kids, then Whiner-boy?

You'd be going on about how those kids of yours are all nazi ecofacists for putting their rubbish in the bin provided at the park...

I've got no problem with people who disagree getting to discuss their differences but this is not a civilised discussion, just random name-calling.
Sharon, have a lovely weekend. I'm sure your relatively empty house will be full of children who need your family very soon. I think you do a marvellous job, both on your blog and, more importantly, in the way you live your life.

By Yvonne Rowse (not verified) on 16 Nov 2012 #permalink

Enjoy Simon's Birthday weekend!

DO NOT feed the troll please. Ignore trolls on principle.

I second Yvonne.

Again Sharon I ask if there is anybody in the "environmental" movement who prefers civilised debate to name calling and obscenmities and is willing to suggest that, by limiting himself to the latter, Wow at least falls marginally below the highest stanmdard of eco-integrity.

So come on Yvonne & tell u8s outright if you are willing to ask Sharon to condemn obscenities on your & her side?

By Neil Craig (not verified) on 22 Nov 2012 #permalink

You, whiner-lad, are the reason why Yvonne's so bloody cheesed off.

Of course, to a lunatic like yourself calling all and sundry eco-nazi child killers isn't name calling obscenities, is it. Because you're a freaking loon.

My partner Patrick read your book The Bucolic Plague, wrote to you and got a reply which I never thoguht he would get so I devoured the book in 2 days and have identified tremmendously with you to the point that I was brokenhearted when you had relationship problems. So glad that you worked it out and are together!!!So glad that you have made The Beekman Farm a success! I thoroughly enjoyed the garden party pictures and we are planning to visit Beekman some day soon and get to stay at the American Hotel. WHAT A THRILL THAT WOULD BE!!! CJ (dubbed The Cuban Prince by Patrick) I love you both without knowing you!