Skrekkur: feminist slam poetry and dance in Iceland

Skrekkur is an annual talent show for Icelandic schools, roughly 9-10th grade, and it has grown to become quite a big deal.

The winning act is usually stunning and original and very well executed, and I don't just say that 'cause my little cousins keep winning...

This year the winning performance, from Hagaskóli, was extraordinary, and not, as far as I know, featuring any of my cousins:

youtube video from Lára Hanna.

"I was ten years old when I was first called "whore"

I didn't understand why, now I understand

I was in the way, I was bossy,

I crossed the line, I tried to break out from my box,

But I was small, I was a girl.

Dear girls,

Be careful,

Don't take up the space reserved for boys..."

It is very powerful slam poetry with interpretive dance.

News feature from Iceland Monitor on winning act with more of the translation.

The second stanza is a recitation of a dress code for girls at school,

then they move on to sentences of admonition for young teenage girls, on how to "be proper";

the finish is a reminder of what has been gained the hard way for womens' rights and why it must not be lost.

This should be translated and performed in every middle and high school...

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