Colorado, Boring? Never...

ScienceBloggers get on some strange topics of conversation, sometimes. Recently, we were discussing bizzarre road signs. Take my favorite, for instance:


Who makes Colorado boring? You! Thanks...

Actually, who could call Colorado a boring place, when there are assassination attempts being made on our Governor?

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I've driven across the country a few times. I remember one, when I was age 16, driving with my mother and my sister. After three or four days, the sense of "we're never gonna get there, we're gonna be driving for the rest of our lives" starts to set in.

But, one thing I can say is: of all the states to drive through, Colorado is assuredly not boring!

A funny sign in Englewood, CO that is actually off the road a ways (near the company of Ecco Drilling) that reads:
Ecco Drilling
Your hole is our goal!