Strange Travels, Part 1: An Introduction or an Ending?

The last few weeks have been something of an adventure, as I’ve traveled across the US to visit some of our larger cities. For anyone who reads other blogs here at Science Blogs, it isn’t much of a secret that I was in New York this last weekend for a meet-up with other science bloggers. Between that and the convention in Chicago prior, it’s been a wild time. It’s been rather inspirational, as well, in more ways than I can explain in an introductory teaser. Don’t worry, I’m about to share all of the highlights, along with pictures... I’m just going to do it backwards, in multiple segments. Trust me, it makes more sense that way.

I’ll begin with:

Earlier This Week


I spend an entire day unpacking all my nifty schwag and trying to get my voice back. My voice doesn’t come back, but I do manage to get power back to my computer. Rushing panics not withstanding, my son goes off to his first day of first grade, well-prepared. I sit back and try to let it all sink in. I start writing a long, detailed description of my adventures. "This is good," I think, "I’m going to use this" (in the blog, of course, but in another work as well.) Then, naturally, my computer crashes, leaving a blank backup copy of my now 2-page long description. But I knew it would end like that, anyways.

As for the blog post, it can be re-written. Just start at the end, and when I come to the beginning, stop.

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Ah, that will be revealed in the next part (which is quite a bit longer than the first two.)