Strange Travels, Part 2: Going Home

My adventures in NY, continued: Sunday Night

i-4af56c2edd1432c107b69c63ecc5f223-markstein.jpgMy flight is delayed, despite the fact that I arrived at LaGuardia incredibly early. Good thing I wasn’t late, though. My carry-on luggage is searched at security (even though I wasn’t carrying any frogs--which were spotted all over NYC) and there is an awkward moment while I explain why I’m carrying a vial with a fox penis bone in it. I find my way through, and eventually, onto the plane for a turbulent flight home. I can’t see the Rockies as we fly into DIA, because it is well after midnight, but I don’t mind. As much as I loved my travels, it’s good to be home.

Image by Gary Markstein via MSNBC's Airport Security Follies.

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