Friday Fractal LXXX: ScienceBlogs Party

Ok, I’ll confess--school has been blowing my f*$#!^& mind this past week--but in a good way, really. I’m studying a variety of interesting subjects which are all tying together in surprising ways... which has lead me to do quite a bit of extra reading and writing. Not that I mind. I just wish I had time to wrap my head around it all, enough to make coherent blogs posts out of these ideas. I did end up making a rather intense fractal, abstract yet full of intense symbolic imagery. But I looked at it, and thought, ew, that’s a little too dark. It will, at least, take some explaining... it definitely wouldn’t hurt to preface it with a few blog posts on these reoccurring themes. So I stashed it away. Next week...

This week, I’m getting ready for the Colorado ScienceBlogs party here on Sunday. So, I grabbed an impromtou party fractal, filled with streamers and confetti (ok, so, it’s really just a strangely formulated Mandelbrot slice) and decided to decorate the place up with ScienceBlog-ish colors:


Over the weekend, I have some fun little tidbits or web-based distractions to share, that can pass as virtual party favors. So, even if you can’t make it to one of our 1,000,000 comment parties, you can still celebrate!

See you Sunday!

Fractal made by the author using Chaos Pro.

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