scio10: Podcasting workshop

PalMD taught this workshop Friday, January 15. These are my quick notes.

  • use an external mic â doesnât have to be that expensive, if you have multiple people in the room, you might want a 2 channel mic
  • use audacity and plan to do a lot of editing
  • find a place to host these things, he found that even with 30-40 downloads of a 30 minute podcast, his bandwidth charges would be really high, so he is hosting his on (I wonder if is an option?)
  • Need to save and then export to MP3
  • create an RSS file so people can find new entries â he manually edits one each time and then pings the server
    • enclosure url (your url for your podcast) length in bytes (open file in explorer to see its size)
  • whether you like it or not, you have to register your podcast on iTunes if you want it found.
    • nb: iTunes has extra tags
  • (from me: please, please, please use ID tags for your podcasts! as well as whatever itunes or xml metadata)
  • from another participant  - maybe try â from someone remote via Henry â
  • general discussion about headers and long intros and intro music. (for music you might want to try searching for podsafe music)
  • are there topics that work better for podcasting or do you do the same things â there are some things that work better as audio
  • recording skype â sol uses Pamela â says it works well (costs ~$25 maybe)
  • from the audience â how about when you interview, does the interviewee sign a release? get to listen to it first.




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I have been a participant in a number of podcasts now, although I am not the one editing and posting them. We do ours by conference call. The key seems to be using a real landline for the interview; cell phones are awful, and a cordless phone is almost as bad.
I don't get the podcast thing, but I know I'm a visual person. I do like the idea that I can reach another audience through a different media like this... and world domination is what I am really all about.

I need to figure out if there's any way to get podcasts into iTunes® without actually having an account (with no Windows or Mac boxes, running iTunes® is a bit difficult, and to be honest I really don't have an interest in setting up an account if it can be avoided).

I started a little podcast project about scientific papers that's currently in low gear while I try to figure out how to get some listeners and feedback (so I can tell whether the idea interests anyone besides myself).