ScienceOnline09 - Thursday

i-ecad9c6691958bd2d0bd9043167b6829-scienceonline09.jpg I am still trying to recover from the previous week. It was quite busy for me, as you may have guessed. But I can start slowly posting my own hazy recollections and pictures now, I think, starting with the first day, Thursday. After meeting with Anton at Sigma Xi to unload the swag, I went over to Radisson hotel to see who was already there and found Blake, Pal, Bob, Grrrl and gg in the bar:

i-53b03acbdd675add8630b3be26c0e3ed-scio09-thursday at Radisson.jpg

A couple of hours later we got in the car and went to the Early Bird Dinner to Town Hall Grill - another tradition at our conferences (we ate there both in 2007 and 2008 as well). I was very happy to be joined by Mrs.Coturnix and Coturnietta, Pal, Anton, gg, Henry, Danielle, Lenore, Danica, Sol, Kevin, Cameron, Irradiatus, Diana and Bjoern (did I forget anyone?).

i-fecdc041321be0757b8f8d249af8d947-scio09-thursday THG2.jpg

The food, as always there, was fantastic. After a rich mozzarela/mesclun/tomato salad (and I got to eat half of my daughter's salad as well), I had snapper and mussels (with no marine conservation bloggers in attendance, we felt more free to order seafood....), followed by an immense chocolate cake. I hope that others, once they get home and process everything they experienced last week, will remember to blog about the dinner as well. If you do, it's likely the restaurant page will link to your review as well.

i-264162ef165ff357e000d0fbebc068f2-scio09-thursday THG.jpg

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You forgot me - but I blame myself for not being visible.

The snapper and mussels were truly excellent! And it was great sitting in the middle of a CAM debate with PalMD and Sol!

Aaaah, fixed now. You are not on any Flickr pics from Town Hall Grill!

It was lovely to meet you on Thursday, even if we didn't make it in in time for the dinner. I loved the discourse on your Facebook research. :)

Ha! I call it research, others call it stalking ;-)

But really, observing Facebook over a five-year span of its changes has been a fascinating and highly edifying experience. I need to consolidate all of that in one post in the future.

In a form of green leaves, pretending to be a salad...