This morning we took it easy - a little shopping for kids, some cakes at Veniero (white is shampita, brown is Napoleon), a little walk, including past the Museum Of Sex (did not have time to go in, though), with the special exhibit about sex in animals (including this, of course). Then a long wait at the new JetBlue terminal at JFK which is nice, big and technically very modern. Now at home, exhausted - tomorrow is a new (work)day!

i-2cb8588ad55f31030ed2dacbec0834d6-NYC 025.jpg
i-84f787e2d81262b9be75e91a2c4e0873-NYC 026.jpg
i-06eb2db03d59b4dba9f18136708d0ffc-NYC 027.jpg
i-3315f3b2bbfe9e0997c19ff12ddd0999-NYC 028.jpg
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i-6190e321133fb73c1ab9ea4cb96ac8c4-NYC 030.jpg

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Oh dear - you made a big mistake there Coturnix when you mentioned sex and animals in the same post. :) I made the same mistake about two months ago and once the great God Google recorded that indiscretion I've had an amazing 9K+ visits from people, mostly from Turkey and surrounding areas, who. one must suppose, are devoted students of animal husbandry. Good luck :)

Ah, I've used that combo many times before - had an entire series of posts, in fact. Works wonders for traffic. Spam-catcher is pretty good and I catch the occasional stray Turkish spam quickly and delete it with glee ;-)